CAAM ( Centre for Alternative Agricultur Media )

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CAAM ( Centre for Alternative Agricultur Media )

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Shivram Pailoor is expanding the agricultural community by bringing together everyone working in the sector and enabling a more relevant dialogue among them through the effective use of technological enhancement to combat threats like globalization.

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As the son of a farmer from a remote village, Shivram is working to create a new system of communication among key stakeholders in the agricultural sector-including farmers, the government, academics, media, and business people-to benefit agriculture, the very backbone of the Indian economy. To meet this goal, Shivram is transforming and modernizing the field of agricultural media; he is generating tools that small farmers can use to adjust to globalization. Shivram knows that the new economy is rapidly developing in ways that can have enormous impact on agriculture. He intends to mitigate the negative effects. His work offers hope to farmers who otherwise might succumb to misleading advice and inaccurate information.With rising literacy, the spread of technology, and the advent of globalization, Shivram is generating a communications system that gives the small landholding farmers the potential to have access to relevant information. He is also providing information systems with which the stakeholders in agriculture can become aware of and able to connect with the farming community throughout the world. Together they can deal with the hazardous effects on the environment and health from the use of chemical fertilizers, genetically engineered crops, and the shift from traditional methods that resulted in loss of soil nutrients.Basically, Shivram is building a new sense of community among the key players in agriculture and changing the set of actors dispensing and managing information to and from farmers.