Centro de Artes y oficios Almendral

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Centro de Artes y oficios Almendral

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Jorge Razeto has devised a local development paradigm that empowers and mobilizes communities and grassroots organizations to stimulate social, economic, cultural, and environmental growth.

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While development models are often fragmented, Jorge is promoting one that focuses three main areas of mutually reinforcing growth-the activation of local economic systems, the rescue of the cultural and artistic patrimony of Aconcagua Valley, and environment protection and education-around the theme of regional heritage recovery. Believing that culture is part of the development of all societies, Jorge helps local residents convert culture into economic opportunities. By training local people in vocational arts, acquainting citizens with local cultural and environmental resources, and offering financial and professional assistance to support local groups as they launch initiatives on everything from community tourism to recycling, Jorge empowers grassroots organizations to strengthen their own capacities and improve their revenues. To analyze regional needs, coordinate the necessary resources for programs, and engineer opportunities for other institutions in Chile to implement this model, Jorge founded CIEM Corporation as the base for his work.