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Ciudadano Inteligente

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Felipe is promoting a culture of transparency and accountability in Chile and Latin America by creating incentives for politicians to disclose more information about their actions and by facilitating citizens’ access to it. He is using social media technologies and partnering with Chile’s leading communication media to disseminate the data in a manner that encourages informed decision-making and greater civic participation.

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While working for a few years in the public sector in Chile, Felipe witnessed a number of alarming transparency issues and detected a strong correlation between this situation and citizens’ apathy towards politics and democratic rule. He left the government as a result and is now creating a culture of political accountability in Chile. He is doing so by establishing incentives for politicians to make information about their daily work public and by transforming this newly accessible data into easily digestible information that can guide citizens in their civic engagement. Felipe is harnessing the power of internet technologies to create much needed avenues for communication and engagement between citizens and their elected representatives. He is promoting political literacy amongst Chilean society and fomenting the demand for transparency and access to information. Access to information, however, is merely the first step in promoting citizenship and transparency. What matters most is how the information is then used to further the common good. The platform Felipe has developed showcases public information in a way that is easy to assimilate for citizens, and leads to informed decision-making, which makes for a more vigorous democratic process. The data is also becoming an important tool for citizen organizations that seek to influence public policy, as well as for journalists, which finally have access to a reliable and multi-layered source of information. As a result, politicians are quickly responding to this market shift and are becoming much more open and transparent about their initiatives. By creating the demand for it, he is stimulating a supply of previously lacking information about political candidates’ electoral platforms, parliamentary sessions and national policy debates, among others. For example, in the 2009 presidential elections in Chile, Felipe’s organization, Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente developed a ‘transparency ranking’ for each candidate according to the amount and depth of information they provided about their platforms. By working with traditional media to publicize these results, Felipe created incentives for political candidates to increase the information disclosed on their own websites by an average of 18 percent. His online tool,, became one of the main sources of information about the campaign for citizens, citizen organizations and journalists. Having developed the technology and methodology to promote transparency and accountability in a place where these cultures have been historically weak, Felipe is looking to replicate this approach throughout Latin America. His organization, Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, will host the first Personal Democracy Forum to take place outside of Europe. This Forum is one of the world’s leading conferences exploring and analyzing technology's impact on politics and government. It will constitute an important building block for the creation of the regional network of organizations dedicated to technology and transparency that Felipe envisions.