Collectif des Femmes pour le Developpement Integre

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Collectif des Femmes pour le Developpement Integre

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$1,000 - $10,000
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The illegal emigration industry along the Senegalese coast is well organized and growing. Sadly, the vast majority of those who emigrate illegally are never heard from again. In response, Yayi is capitalizing on the powerful role of women in the region to stem the flow of illegal emigration, thus encouraging them to dissuade their husbands and sons from taking part in the industry. Yayi found that it is often the mothers of would-be emigrants who provide the moral and monetary support necessary to finance a seat on a boat headed for Europe. Additionally, many of the men in Senegal's coastal communities are either fishermen or sailors, and they play a critical role in the illegal emigration structure by building and steering the boats. Recognizing a powerful potential ally in the women they leave behind, Yayi is educating women throughout Senegal about the numerous dangers of illegal emigration. She organizes groups of women in public demonstrations and is slowly changing public attitudes toward the practice. Having started in her own coastal community of Lebou, Yayi has extended her campaign to the national and policy levels. She has enlisted popular entertainers and athletes to help spread her message to youths, and she promotes microcredit enterprises and alternative forms of income for the youths who pledge not to emigrate illegally. Finally, Yayi has initiated a three-way conversation among government officials and citizen organizations in both Senegal and Spain to develop policies that reduce unlawful travel between Africa and Europe.