CONAMOSOTEE-Corporación de Organizaciones Sociales de Atenci

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CONAMOSOTEE-Corporación de Organizaciones Sociales de Atenci

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Sonia Andrade helps senior citizens reclaim their traditional social status through legal reform, public advocacy, and intergenerational business ventures. She is narrowing the generation gap by encouraging the young and old to work together, learn from each other, and jointly solve common problems, such as unemployment.

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Sonia is helping Ecuador understand, articulate, and address the needs of senior citizens. Sonia creatively applies the proven tactics of human rights advocacy-grassroots organizing, publicity campaigns, legal reform, overhaul of social welfare, and international law-to this integral but previously ignored segment of society. Sonia rejects standard charity work, in which the elderly are mere beneficiaries of individual or collective largesse, and embraces instead, a participatory, activist style in which elderly people themselves lead a public campaign to establish and protect basic human rights. Sonia organizes young and old people to challenge conventional attitudes about senior citizens' needs, abilities, and overall role in society. Her goal is to narrow the generation gap by helping start joint business ventures, addressing some of each group's basic needs, and exposing young Ecuadorians to issues they will face later in life.