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$1,000 - $10,000
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Ananya Raihan is ushering in an era of information-on-demand in the rural areas of Bangladesh by building a network of locally-run kiosks that offer villagers access to everything from up-to-date market prices for their rice, to health information and legal forms, all through a centralized, Bengali-language information clearinghouse.

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Ananya's idea is simple: Help marginalized rural communities participate in the social and economic mainstream by bringing people the information they need in a format they can use. Through D.Net, an organization he launched in 2001, Ananya is creating the infrastructure for a vast clearinghouse of Bengali-language information and resources that can be accessed through a variety of mediums—telephone, community radio, the internet, even printed materials—at locally-run village information centers, or Pallitathya Kendras (PKs). Because the network is designed around existing technologies, start-up costs for PKs are low, and revenues from the sale of information and related services can ultimately sustain them. And the emphasis on local ownership means a new business opportunity for the community.