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Indonesia's rivers are becoming more and more polluted with industrial waste, but most Indonesians are unaware of this destruction to their environment. Prigi trains children and adults to become amateur "environmental detectives", conducting their own scientific research and publicizing it in the media.

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While most people think scientific data is the exclusive domain of academics, Prigi believes even ordinary citizens can collect and use scientific data. He introduced a simple way to collect environmental data that anyone, even children, can use. Prigi's "Surabaya River Detective Program" educates children to become agents promoting a healthy environment campaign. Such activities make clear the connection between human health and the environment.In addition, Prigi is teaching communities how to use the media to persuade their government to enforce industrial waste discharge regulations. He instituted a Posko Ijo (Green Post) in which representatives of communities meet with government officials and industry owners to discuss positive solutions together.