ECOVIR - Empresa Comunal Vía Rancho

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ECOVIR - Empresa Comunal Vía Rancho

Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Tania Vázquez has created a business enterprise in which rural communities produce and market dehydrated fruits. The enterprise is organized to increase local income and improve nutrition, gender equity, and community participation.

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Tania works with a team of technical advisors to manage a corporation of farmers, producing high quality, nutritious, natural dehydrated fruits. By building an association of poor organic farmers into a socially conscious business, she helps increase income while responding to ecologically unsound practices and gender inequality. Through technical assistance, training, and strategic planning, Bolivian farmers produce a better quality and more marketable product, yielding greater income and greater sustainability. Tania fosters a sense of cooperation and solidarity among the farmers with whom she works, effecting price stability, financial security, social responsibility, and self-reliance toward prosperity and corporate integrity in the formerly impractical industry of fruit production.