Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation

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Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation

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$1,000 - $10,000
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By encouraging awareness of fluorosis in both medical and local communities and by creating accessible low-cost preventive solutions Dr. Susheela is curbing the spread of a crippling skeletal disease in India.

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Although there has been a growing awareness of fluorosis in the last three decades, little has been done to effectively contain the spread of the disease. Dr. Susheela has been a pioneering researcher-activist in the field of medicine in India. Through her own research, she has created simple, low-cost methods to prevent this disease. One of the first steps in this process is the creation of a greater awareness of fluorosis, and to achieve this, Dr. Susheela has initiated training programs for both the medical fraternity and the educational community. She has engaged both the government and the industrial sectors to increase efforts and investment in health-monitoring programs. Using these diverse channels of social impact, Dr. Susheela is educating India's youth, government, and medical fraternity on the causes, treatments, and solutions for this severely detrimental and easily avoidable disease.