The Grandparents Group (Yai Kab Taa)

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The Grandparents Group (Yai Kab Taa)

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Kriengsak Klomsakul is setting up a network of youth groups in schools and communities along Thailand's Petch River and is organizing them to be guardians of their environment and their cultural heritage.

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Kriengsak Klomsakul presents the health of the Petch River as a common cause to diverse groups who live and work along the river. He leverages a growing awareness of environmental issues in Thailand and contributes his insights that ordinary citizens must take responsibility for their environment and that the necessary legal frameworks for environmental protection will depend upon changed public attitudes. Kriengsak's selection of the Petch as an organizing focus both stimulates people to clean it up and generates a sense of interdependency among the communities in the region which all depend upon the river and would otherwise remain unaware of their cumulative impact upon it. He is drawing on volunteers of all ages and from all interested sectors of society to participate actively in securing the continued welfare of the river, and he has made children and youth a particular target in his work educating them to the river's importance and showing them what they can do to care for it. He is building a lasting constituency of environmentally conscious groups to be a vanguard of the environmental protection movement in the region.