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Individual Bangladesh

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Without rapid technological innovation, businesses in the developing world cannot compete and grow enough to provide their people with the jobs and services they need. In Bangladesh, Shaikh Mizan is working to prepare local companies for a rapid pace of technological innovation, bringing powerful new ideas and practices to industries that have so far struggled to compete on the global stage. Establishing connections to developed countries and leveraging the work of local researchers, he lays the foundation for an explosion of entrepreneurship and development in Bangladesh.

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Shaikh Mizan is introducing the concept of continuous technological innovation to Bangladeshi industry. Traditionally, the first line of technological advancement for his country's firms is to adopt or adapt foreign technologies, but in the old model the flow of information and innovation was too slow to seed significant progress. Mizan quickens the pace of development by training local entrepreneurs and connecting them to sources of scientific progress and practical application. He brings expatriate Bangladeshis and other outside investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs together with their native counterparts, and connects researchers within the country to leaders that can use their knowledge to drive effective practice. Even better, he develops resources to help industries market their materials, locate firm sources of investment, and solve the technical problems that inevitably come with implementing new ideas. All of Mizan's work is in relentless pursuit of a principal goal: to create fluid information exchange among technologists, investors, and entrepreneurs in order to accelerate technological progress and benefit the people of his country.