Individual Miguel García

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Individual Miguel García

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$1,000 - $10,000
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An economist with a strong commitment to improving the economic opportunities and well-being of the poor, Miguel Garci'a has formed an organization of consultants and trainers to enable small producers to join together in networks and cooperatives to improve and expand their operations.

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Miguel García is persuaded that improvements in the efficiency and market responsiveness of small producers can make a major contribution to the economic vitality of the communities in which they are located and to the opportunities available to poorer segments of Chile's population. Motivated by that conviction, he is inventing a new and timely mechanism that will equip small producers with the skills and information they need to improve and expand their operations and to take full advantage of national and global markets for their products.To deliver the needed inputs, Miguel has assembled a group of trainers and consultants to provide a wide range of activities aimed at stimulating and strengthening networks of small producers and formally organized producer cooperatives. The group's activities are focused, in part, on various aspects of business planning, including market analysis, optimizing product mix, introducing improved methods of production and quality control, and reducing dependency on costly intermediaries in marketing their products. The trainers and consultants are also helping the small producers and producer cooperatives develop and improve environmentally sustainable practices.At the current, early stage in the new organization's development, its members work at other jobs and offer their services on a pro bono basis.