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Pilar breaks the link between poverty and disease through a community-based approach that creates sustained change in communities and living environments in developing countries. Accelerated by a new painting technology that effectively eradicates diseases like chagas, dengue fever and malaria, Pilar combines methodologies and local development efforts to improve health, economic development, and community mobilization.

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Pilar is dramatically improving life conditions and life expectancy rates and restoring hope in severely disenfranchised communities in developing countries. By helping to eradicate endemic diseases like chagas, malaria and dengue fever through a new paining technology and a community-based methodology, Pilar enables economic development, better organization, and cooperation. Pilar is shifting the response mechanisms for the most destructive diseases spread by insects. Instead of narrowly focusing her efforts on costly reactions to these deadly diseases (i.e., expensive medicines, vaccines, or fumigation), Pilar has an inclusive intervention methodology to help sustain healthy communities. Pilar´s strategy expands beyond mere treatment to focus broadly on eradicating the insects, or the vector, and also effectively involving the community in this process to build their own future. Pilar’s innovation is partly based on a microencapsulation technology she has created that can be applied to paint and potentially other materials. By microencapsulating the ingredients that eliminate adult insects and arachnoids and stop growth hormones in these insects, her paint forms a protecting seal against diseases carried by these creatures. This paint, called Inesfly 5A IGR, protects against chagas, the sleeping disease, malaria, dengue fever, and other vector-borne diseases. The paint is applicable to nearly any kind of building, such as homes, stables, apartment buildings and sewage conducts. Because of the specific ingredients and the nature of the paint, it is effective for up to four years, whereas insecticides are much less permanent and only effective for up to 6 months. Pilar has already proven the effectiveness of Inesfly for eliminating vichuelas (chagas-carrying insects) from communities in Bolivia. Inesfly is also undergoing certification by the World Health Organization, which will endorse the effectiveness of the paint against the tsetse fly in Ethiopia, which will impact prevalence of malaria and dengue. Beyond simply removing the carriers of deadly diseases, Pilar is also using her methodology as a platform to empower local communities to take control of their own problems. Pilar begins involving all levels – both within the communities and local organizations - in the actual process of preparing homes for painting and then the painting process itself. She uses this entire time to raise awareness on the need to keep certain hygienic habits that will avoid a return of the causes of the disease in the future. Also, as the communities organize around improving their housing, Pilar has found ideal space to encourage people, particularly women, to work together to achieve citizenship in areas that before had been thought of as impossible - including equality in rights, basic education, and freedom of speech. Results of this process include the local founding of MOMIN, an organization that empowers indigenous women, as well as the increase of impact of work of other organizations such as Cáritas.