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Markus, who was active in Boy Scouts and other youth initiatives at a young age, is building a youth movement in Switzerland. He is empowering youth as active members of society by connecting them with their peers through a "platform of platforms" which offers a centralized infrastructure for youth participation activities, networks youngsters both virtually and physically, and strengthens their bonds with supportive adults, youth organizations, sponsors, and communities. Understanding that most youth cannot be engaged with a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Markus brings recruits into his movement by drawing on their interests and addressing their needs through tailored engagement opportunities. For example, hard-to-reach teenagers are attracted to the movement through low-barrier entry points such as websites, concerts, or football games, and are gradually connected with more active youth in the network. While Markus provides each segment of youth with the appropriate arena, he especially uses the "early adopters" to push his movement forward, training them to have a multiplier effect by bringing their own networks into the system. In this way, Markus has built a network of nearly 6,000 youth in 60 towns who are either participating in youth projects, creating their own social ventures, volunteering for youth organizations as mentors, helping other youth start social ventures, or engaging as decision-makers in municipalities. Markus works to unify youth policies at the federal level and to certify youth participation as skill development by the government. His organization is currently being replicated across Europe, offering easy-to-scale methodologies to national partners who are encouraged to add their own content.