Manos y Naturaleza

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Manos y Naturaleza

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Mónica Koppmann provides a platform of “Tio Tutors” (aunt or uncle tutors) to help at-risk children succeed in school and in life, thus building on her positions in both the marginalized and elite sectors of society. She is also helping to develop an emerging culture of social-business partnerships in Chile.

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Mónica gives vulnerable children the foundation of emotional care they need to develop and to pursue their education. Through Manos y Naturaleza (Hands and Nature), she creates safe, emotionally dependable places in the neighborhoods of vulnerable children where they find the nurturing "Tio Tutors," who supplement the care families are able to give their children. By enrolling children at a young age and working with them all the way through until graduation, Mónica's program helps them to become professionals capable of caring not only for themselves and their own children, but also for other needy children. By offering clear and simple ways for businesses to engage, Monica taps the underused resources of the burgeoning Chilean private sector, which has grown rapidly since the end of the country's dictatorship in 1990. Mónica strengthens the substance of her programs with business skills and volunteers, and she is helping to pave the way for development of stronger social-business partnerships in Chilean society. She is also promoting business-social links by positioning her model for replication by government programs throughout Chile.