Media Concern for Women and Children (MEDIACON)

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Media Concern for Women and Children (MEDIACON)

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Princess Olufemi-Kayode is breaking the silence about the sexual abuse of children in Nigeria. She raises public awareness and seeks institutional support to meet the needs of abused children and to prevent the long-term effects of abuse from seeping into the health, safety, and productivity of Nigerian society.

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Leveraging her position as a public figure, Princess reaches a national audience through print and television media, focusing especially on children who may be suffering abuse and on family members at a loss as to how to address the problem. Princess shifts the dialogue away from family stigma towards individual healing by offering such practical information as how to identify the non-physical symptoms of abuse and by decrying media mishandling their reporting of abuse cases. This effort exposes the problem by bringing children's experiences to light. She knows that this shift in public perception and behavior is the first step to mitigating the long-term consequences of sexual abuse. Princess capitalizes on the opportunity not just to expose, but also to begin treating and solving the issue of child sexual abuse. She launched a hotline with a national referral network to address the immense need. In addition, Princess has developed a crisis center model that completes her vision of focusing more skilled attention on the immediate safety and long-term health of sexually abused children. The crisis center addresses the need for medical care, emergency shelter, forensic lab work, and training of competent child mental health professionals. As her interventions allow more sexually abused children begin to speak out and heal, Princess is constructing a national network of allies to replicate the crisis center model throughout the country.