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NGOs Information and Support Centre

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Vaidotas Ilgius is steering Lithuania's citizen sector toward long-term sustainable growth by cultivating a powerful network among sectors.

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Vaidotas sees the need to create a holistic approach to the development of a vibrant civil society. A sustainable system relies on a synergy between different sectors, both public and private. "Civil society engineers" such as legislators, information and training providers, or civil society activists need to know, understand, and help sculpt the citizen sector. Vaidotas brings parties together, creating mechanisms for effective communication and negotiation, and overcoming barriers to advancing civil society and philanthropic giving. His approach consists of lobbying for policies friendly to civil society, providing training opportunities and networking experts, and creating a virtual gateway to information about philanthropy and civil society.Vaidotas has two focuses: concrete education and advocacy, and the building of the necessary infrastructure for a strong civil society. Holistic and comprehensive, this model is replicable in other countries with similar histories.