Pondok Pendidikan Bedhog

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Pondok Pendidikan Bedhog

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Jati Kuswardono, after having developed and implemented an alternative curriculum for the education of the children of the rural poor, street children, and other marginalized groups, is now organizing a "university" for these children to prepare them to reenter the real world equipped with skills and learning that will allow them to make a living.

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Jati is establishing a "university" for marginalized children to create a "missing rung" on a ladder that helps them find their way back into society. He is filling a need that exists once the children have actually left the streets by helping them either learn marketable skills that they can use in the job market or prepare to move into the traditional university system.The program for street children is based on the idea that they have highly specific, individual needs and that any attempt to educate them must take into account their particular situation. Since they are outside the mainstream of society, any attempt to bring them back in must be tailored to their own requirements and must be based on their own recommendations and suggestions. Only then will such an attempt be successful.