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Burkina Faso
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$1,000 - $10,000
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After leading West Africa's largest self-promotion program for farmers, Rosalie Ouoba is now determined to legitimize the contributions of rural women by means of development dialogue in several countries. Through a network of national and sub-regional associations of women, Rosalie is providing rural women with critical communication skills and eliminating intermediaries between them and the traditional development establishment.

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Rosalie believes that, given the right forum and positions of leadership, rural women can be their own best advocates and can improve their socioeconomic conditions. To help eliminate the harmful practice of others speaking on their behalf, she established a pioneering network called the Union of Rural Women of West Africa and Chat (UFROAT). While remaining connected to local needs through membership organizations and markets in each country, the network transcends national borders to create a regional agenda and forum for rural women. To broaden support for UFROAT without violating the integrity of the organization's structure, Rosalie also formed a network of supporters that includes male leaders, citizen organizations (COs), and politicians. They are members of the Network of Support for Rural Women's Citizenship in West Africa and Chad (RESACIFROAT), and participate in programming at the local and regional levels.