Ruhuna Business Incubator (RBI)

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Ruhuna Business Incubator (RBI)

Sri Lanka
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Professor K.D.N Weerasinghe (Weera) has invented several technological applications to rejuvenate Sri Lanka’s declining cinnamon industry. His inventions, which include a cinnamon peeling device, a processing bench, scrapers, and a poly cam, are collectively creating a technological revolution across Sri Lanka. Increasing worker efficiency; improving working and sanitary conditions; eliminating caste prejudice; and increasing local investment are among some of the social benefits.

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Professor K.D.N Weerasinghe (Weera) is revitalizing the stagnant cinnamon industry in Sri Lanka by actively spearheading a global campaign to re-position the country as the premium producer of the finest cinnamon. Weera has worked tirelessly since 1986 to improve the status of the cinnamon industry and its workers. Recently, he developed technology that has proven to increase production of better quality cinnamon. Weera’s technology comprehensively and holistically addresses the problems of the small stakeholders by improving the image, productivity and profitability of the industry. Weera’s unrelenting determination has created a platform to eliminate the caste prejudices plaguing the cinnamon workers and increase investment to further improve the industry and the economy of the country. The unique incubator company, which he founded, is located within Ruhuna University and helps graduates to use the technology and technical expertise free of charge so that they may pursue their own socially responsible business ventures.