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Genevieve revolutionizes the food sector in its broadest sense by the launch of the Intelligent Nutrition (IN) concept. The IN-concept is the first in the world that integrates all dimensions needed to reach a food balance which is good for human kind and for the planet. To develop the IN-concept, Genevieve mobilised a select group of global specialists to co-create the Terms of Reference of 'Intelligent Nutrition”. The outcome is a unique document of 1500 pages that offers for the first time an integrated, multi-dimensional formula which defines the core ingredients of food that is as well healthy as sustainable.

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Due to the rising prevalence of chronic disease, there have been many attempts at improving awareness of issues relating to our food ecosystem. Despite these efforts, our ecological footprint continues to harm our nutritional intake and food behavior. We face ecological damage resulting from transportation patterns, packaging, meat production, mistreatment of animals, and the disconnect between food production and consumption. Several initiatives have emerged to tackle these problems, including national public policies to organic, fair trade, slow food or vegetarian movements, but they have only created minimal recognition and long-term impact. In addition, these approaches exist in silos and focus on specific issues or target populations rather than integrating the key players throughout the food chain. The Slow Food and organic movement target ecology and food purchasing behavior, for example, although pay little attention to personal health. As such, one can eat organic foods, yet still be at risk for cancer. The Veggie Day and similar initiatives are based on a cross-cutting approach but are limited to only one social mission: reducing our meat consumption. Several public health programs work on health-related issues, but neglect ecology and the true impact of food choices—so you may eat healthy, but also damage the planet in the process. A more holistic vision is needed to power these ideas on a large scale and fundamentally change the way the food value chain operates and interacts. In addition to this complex and fragmented food system, professionals and nutrition experts lack oversight and a systemic vision. Scientific researchers focus on isolated problems and food producers do not realize the full impact of their production methods on public health or on the ecological balance. Chefs lack a deep understanding of the impact of the meals they cook and serve. Medical doctors have limited insight into the strong connection between food and health and the link between food and environmental impact on the planet. On the consumer side, citizens often get confused between all the different logos they can find in the local supermarket, and often will have to pay a higher prize for the better choice. In addition, many people living in urban environments resort to restaurants for their meals, which can mean choosing less sustainable food choices. Furthermore, the consumer continues to be confronted with communications that do not take into consideration health or sustainability arguments, whether it is through cooking programs, product nutritive information, public programs brochures or information on the Internet. It now seems essential to focus on eating the right and balanced foods (grown, produced and seasonal) in the right and balanced combinations.

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Building on the IN model, and fully realising the interdependencies within the food chain, Genevieve pioneers a set of innovative and measure-made actions to reach the most important professional players within the food chain. By training health professionals (doctors and pharmacists), chefs (in restaurants, and large catering areas as schools, hospitals, companies,... ) and food producers (farmers and agro-industrial companies), Genevieve mobilises key actors which will play a crucial role in tipping the food ecosystem. Combining the IN-model with an ever increasing group of committed professional actors, Genevieve concentrated on shifting also the demand side at European level. Genevieve launched the IN-logo to brand 'Intelligent Nutrition to the general public – and supports this logo with a broad and diverse set of tools to reach the broadest group of consumers.