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Aicha is changing societal perceptions towards unwed mothers throughout Morocco, thereby transforming them from a condemned and socially taboo group to an included and wholly recognized population. Through pushing forward legal reforms and developing the first program in Morocco to serve unwed mothers, Aicha has become a nationally renowned figure and advocate for humanity towards all people despite longstanding cultural norms.

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Aicha is deconstructing major cultural taboos and social perceptions towards unwed mothers in Morocco, a group that is highly stigmatized and condemned. Over the last quarter century, she has been a tireless advocate for the social inclusion and equal treatment of these women. A pioneer of the field, Aicha has built a nationally relevant support model for unwed mothers and institutionalized legal reforms to support their recognition in society. Aicha’s Association Solidarité Féminine (ASF) has offered thousands of unwed mothers a shelter where they and their children are supported unconditionally. Approximately 100 women per year also participate in a three-year program, where they are offered psychological counseling and medical treatment as well as vocational programs that teach them new skills to become better prepared to enter the job market, thereby gaining autonomy and a steady source of income. ASF also provides day care centers, both while women are preparing for future employment and after they have found jobs. Beyond directly serving unwed mothers, Aicha has developed a dual strategy to increase paternal recognition and support for their children who were born out of wedlock. She is advocating for legal reform to require fathers to take paternity tests while simultaneously mediating personally between mothers and the fathers to convince fathers of the importance of recognizing and supporting their children. Aicha’s staunch defense of women’s rights, particularly those of unwed mothers, has played a major role in both legal reform and changing public perceptions, thereby enabling mothers to participate as full, equal members of society.