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South Africa
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Kim Kieser is restoring urban river systems in South Africa in a comprehensive strategy that addresses the causes of river pollution and employs measures to ensure the socioeconomic sustainability of her initiative.

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Kim is developing a model for the cleanup and rehabilitation of urban rivers in South Africa in a comprehensive approach unlike other initiatives. Her project actively engages communities in clean river management, lobbies for an enabling legislative framework, and is underpinned by a series of socioeconomic, sustainability strategies. To champion this work she has created an organization called Save Our Universal Land (SOUL) Foundation. In its pilot project-the cleanup of a stretch of the notoriously polluted Juskei River in Johannesburg-SOUL exceeded its initial target of 27 kilometers by 79 percent over a three-month period, created employment for over 100 people, and established a permanent maintenance crew.