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Recognising that with guidance, ordinary citizens can do much of the work of professional speech therapists, Tara Cunningham is revolutionising the field of speech therapy by putting parents and teachers in charge of children's learning. As vacancy rates for speech therapists continue to grow globally, Tara is also mobilising a new generation of certified professionals with the support of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and several leading Universities including New York University and George Washington University.    

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Tara is making the delivery of speech and language therapy accessible to caregivers—parents, teachers, and special-needs assistants. By shifting the focus of service delivery from the professional therapist to the parent and/or teacher, she has found an inexpensive, fast and effective model to change a dysfunctional and expensive system that is unable to meet the needs of people with communication difficulties. Through a methodology built around weekly group therapy sessions, caregivers and children gain the practical skills and techniques they need to overcome communication difficulties and reach their fullest potential. As a shortage of speech therapists continues to grow globally, Tara is mobilizing a new generation of certified speech and language professionals and engaging academic institutions, citizen sector groups, and funders around the world eager to find solutions.