Stowarzyszenie Kobiet Polskich po 40-tce

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Stowarzyszenie Kobiet Polskich po 40-tce

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Barbara Baran founded and leads a national self-help society of Polish women over the age of 40, who characteristically face discrimination when they re-enter the job market after interim periods as full-time mothers and homemakers. The Society teaches business and self-employment skills, builds self-confidence, provides job placement services and publicizes role models.

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Barbara Baran is unleashing the economic power of middle-age Polish women for post-Communist Poland by creating a national self-help movement that provides emotional support and encouragement, role models, skills training and job opportunities. Her Society for Women Over 40 targets a potentially major contributor to the Polish economy currently undervalued or ignored by the male-dominated Polish business community. "It is amazing," says Barbara, "to watch middle-age women blossom and grow into first-class entrepreneurs once they are given the proper training and a little guidance."Most women come to the Society via seminars on management, interviewing techniques, securing start-up capital and other related employment and self-employment skills. Barbara recruits successful businesswomen to teach these courses and act as pro bono mentors and counselors, building a role model component into the training function.Barbara's main objective is to create an environment in which women feel empowered and build their self-esteem. She believes that this is a critical first step in triggering a release in creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit. From this base, the Society teaches business and self-employment skills, builds self-confidence, provides job placement services, operates businesses itself and publicizes its vision of women over 40 throughout society.