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Sebastián is making rural communities become critical leaders in burgeoning community-based tourism industry to achieve self-sufficiency, economic benefits, and more general community empowerment.

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Sebastián is facilitating a process in which communities are taking greater control of the community-based tourism industry. While the idea of community-based tourism has become quite popular, the reality is that the vast majority of the revenue never reaches the community and its impact on development has fallen far short of original expectations. Sebastián is helping these communities to organize themselves and provide them with financing and training. They are retaining a larger percentage of tourism revenues, which is in turn, giving them firmer control of their path to economic development. There are three crucial ingredients to Sebastián’s success. First, he is linking communities to each other to form a regional and ultimately national network of community-based tour operators. He provides them with training and, most importantly, with financing to improve their facilities. Second, Sebastián has been forming a network of similar organizations in various countries, each organized and controlled by the local community networks. Finally, Sebastián launched as a global tour operator and online reservations and information platform to make these local communities more accessible to travelers around the world. Travolution is a not-for-profit social business which will be operating in a dozen countries within three to four years and its online platform will not only be a traditional reservations site, but will contain information like a Travel Advisors site, but written and maintained by the local communities.