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Inspired by the need for preparation of Bangladesh's students for the International Mathematics Olympiad and the need for Bangladesh's youth to succeed in new fields of science and technology, Munir Hasan is changing the way math is taught and understood by everyone in the country. Through daily mathematics publications in national newspapers and new textbooks, training for teachers, and mathematics festivals that reach tens of thousands of students and their families, Munir is making math a joyful priority for teachers, students and communities, and better preparing students for the new global economy.

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Munir's new approach to mathematics education in Bangladesh brings together students, teachers, communities, publishing houses, universities, and local governments to create an exciting new culture of mathematical learning and exploration. By opening dialogue among students, teachers, and communities, and developing partnerships among educational institutions and individuals, Munir works at all levels of education. Munir is systematically tackling the challenges of making mathematics accessible. To ensure market demand and engaging materials for students, Munir has created a demand among the public for publishers and teachers to collaborate on publishing new mathematics textbooks and materials. To foster a new culture of learning and instruction around mathematics, Munir has altered the dynamic between teachers and students while making math an enjoyable community-building activity through popular mathematics festivals. The changes Munir has fostered are not only opening new markets and revolutionizing the education sector of Bangladesh, but are also creating new avenues of opportunity for students, communities, schools, and local governments. Munir's national movement is leading to substantially more science students, more enthusiastic and better educated grade-school children, and a sense of awareness and responsibility within communities, schools, and universities. Additionally, the result has been a remarkable improvement in achievement of Bangladeshi students in the International Mathematics Olympiads, one of the most prestigious academic events in the world.