Youth Empowerment Network

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Youth Empowerment Network

South Africa
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$1,000 - $10,000
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David Liknaitzky was so moved by stories that people told of their experiences growing up under apartheid in South Africa that he felt compelled to work more deeply with the inner oppression that prevents people, especially young people, from realizing their true potential. He has designed a program to deconstruct the psychology of apartheid that still exists in the minds of most young South Africans.

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Apartheid was a carefully constructed system that took decades to instill in people. The absence of a systematic program to now disassemble it means that many South Africans, particularly young people, suffer from an inner oppression that prevents them from reaching their full potential. David has developed the first program to address this inner oppression among out-of-school and out-of-work youth. "Facing the Future with Courage" enables youth to take control of their lives and find self-worth and personal accomplishment. As part of the program, David has developed a unique methodology focused on what he calls "appreciative inquiry." Young people are encouraged to examine their homes with an appreciative eye and uncover the living, positive aspects of their communities, which are generally perceived as impoverished, crime-ridden, and hopeless.