Z§vule prava, o.s.

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Z§vule prava, o.s.

Czech Republic
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Kateřina Hrubá is reshaping Czech law, one case at a time, to improve the status of minority communities—particularly the Roma—by selecting cases for "strategic litigation" and by providing a comprehensive support system to sustain her clients through lengthy lawsuits. In doing so, she is setting legal precedents in national and international courts and building trust among minorities in the legal system.

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Kateřina, a lawyer, is implementing a new approach to public interest law that may improve the quality of life of minorities in the Czech Republic. Many crucial legal cases involving minorities fail due to inadequate financing or, sometimes, fear. By pursuing these cases with dedication, and by more actively involving her Roma clients, Kateřina believes it is possible to change the status of the Roma community in society. Kateřina's idea involves combining two important elements: Pro-active community work and public interest law. Through education, direct support, and work with clients, she and her colleagues have created an elaborate support system for families and individuals who, in preceding eras, had little hope of carrying their cases to successful conclusions. By influencing strategic cases, Kateřina hopes to set judicial precedents that will positively affect the day-to-day rulings of lower courts. She also hopes to focus the media spotlight on the larger crisis of minority groups' lack of access to legal defense and to dispel community prejudices against these groups.