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We are developing a series of simple children’s books in the Haida language for parents to read t
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Village Vancouver coordinates, organizes and facilitates individuals, neighbourhoods and organiza
Our solution will mobilize girls and young women to create social change in our community.
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To provide a barrier free opportunity to individuls which support their path to a better life thr
We help vulnerable parents be able to raise their own kids.
VIBC facilitates the growth of cross-cultural collaborations to facilitate a deeper understanding
Senior's are isolated and disconnected from their communities.
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Our goal is to provide tailored training programs, public engagement toolkits and best practices
Pekish offers a healthy, high quality and convenient alternative to vending machine chocolates an
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Young dads will have confidence and children will grow up in a safe and enriching environment
Aboriginal Academy 9 is a full semester 16-credit program where students experience the local Tho
We are offering Victoria a zero emissions delivery service as well as a consulting service to fur
CyberSafeBC.ca will provide videod-based information for BC youth to help them learn about the da
Cycleback is a social enterprise and training program that was starting by The Lookout Emergency
To provide paid employment to youth transitioning out of high school who would otherwise face bar
We're building the first day centre in Vancouver for the treatment of disordered eating and body
An online space that facilitates consumer and small farmer transactions.
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