Be Your Own Best Friend Network

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Be Your Own Best Friend Network

Vancouver, CanadaVancouver, Canada
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$1,000 - $10,000
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BYOBF connects South Asian women to like-minded women in a empowering, social environment while providing resources, skills and knowledge to be more confident.

About Project

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The Be Your Own Best Friend (BYOBF) Network is a South Asian women's networking group geared towards all women, whether they are in home-based businesses, in offices, female entrepreneurs, mothers, and those exploring new opportunities. Canadians of South Asian origin make up one of the largest non-European ethnic origin groups in Canada. In 2001, almost a million people of South Asian origin lived in Canada, representing about 3% of the total Canadian population. 22% of all South Asians live in BC, according to 2001 Statistics Canada. Some women have a tendency to put their needs second to those of their family. This perpetuates the glass ceiling syndrome that exists in society. The BYOBF Network engages all women to feel empowered through every facet of their lives.

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The BYOBF Network aims to empower women in every facet of their lives. This is done through holding bi-monthly networking events in various communities in Metro Vancouver and coordinating workshops focusing on a variety of topics including health & wellness, financial support, spirituality, marketing for small businesses, professional coaching, etc... Special guest speakers are also brought in to inspire, empower and connect these women while giving them the opportunity to also ask questions. Social networking events are also held to allow these women to both connect socially and professionally creating new communities and support systems. Through these methods, the women are building a community of support around them that will facilitate their growth and alignment with their inner strength. The women will become more engaged within their own lives that extends to the improvement of the lives of their children, families and society in general.
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The BYOBF Network recognizes that women's lives are ever-evolving. We understand friendships can be dynamic, affected by many factors including new relationships, employment, children, shifting values and interests. The BYOBF Network gives South Asian women the opportunity to share time, energy and enthusiasm for the activities and interests that are important to them. BYOBF gives these women opportunities to connect, empower and inspire which they never had before. Through these connections members have been able to create NEW professional and personal relationships. Through self-help workshops on a variety of topics and social networking activities many of these women have been able to promote their home based businesses, find vendors to assist them with their ventures, and meet like-minded women who support and celebrate each other's successes. The workshops provide financial, small business, self-esteem, and community resources so these women are able to make educated choices in their live from a place of empowerment and knowledge.

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Other networking groups for women are both peers and competitors. As peers they support what we are doing by bringing South Asian Women together. As competitors, they may be holding similar workshops that South Asian women may still attend. Some of these groups include "The Connected Woman", "Young Women in Business", "Networking in Vancouver", "Diamond Dolls Networking Vancouver". What sets the BYOBF Network apart from our competitors is we have a specific group we are targeting. We are targeting South Asian women between the ages of 25 and 45. Women who run their own home based businesses and women who want to connect with other South Asian women.

Founding Story

Both co-founders, Sukhi Ghuman and Manpreet Dhillon have been involved in a variety of networking groups for various years. Both founders sit on a variety of boards and attend many events through the year where they have the opportunity to make new connections with South Asian women. Through these connections they have been able to establish their own businesses, meet new clients, create new friendships and grow both professionally and personally. For years, a friend of Manpreet’s sparked the conversation about how you have to be your best friend before anyone else could be yours.In conversations between Sukhi and Manpreet about about how to be their own best friends and help others do the same, that Manpreet and Sukhi decided to come together and create a safe and fun environment for South Asian women to come together and give them the opportunity to also connect with other inspiring women.