Columbia Mountains Resource Policy Council

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Columbia Mountains Resource Policy Council

Revelstoke, CanadaRevelstoke, Canada
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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To create a think-tank/research centre that identifies, defines and works toward promoting sustainability at a meaningful scale.

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To effectively plan for the future well-being of ecosystems it is important to consider the current and future impacts of human disturbance at a landscape level. The Columbia Mountains provide a large geographic extent -naturally delineated by the mountain ranges- that host similar ecosystems within a large latitudinal and climatic gradient. These mountains are home to diverse human populations that share similar climates and have similar interactions with the environment. Normally, land use plans divide ecosystems into jurisdictional boundaries which do not reflect the need to manage the landscape in ecologically meaningful units.

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By studying and advocating for the consideration of ecologically meaningful areas during land use planning and decision making, we aim to address one of the systemic causes for misguided management of natural resources. It is a novel approach since we seek to understand ecological sustainability at a meaningful scale within defined natural boundaries. It is also an original approach since it will take into account the various human interests and uses that affect the ecosystems.
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When reviewing land-use plans, resource extraction plans, conservation goals, production and distribution of natural resources, stakeholder engagement, etc. -within the Columbia Mountains- it becomes apparent that there are several organizations, industries, governmental agencies, and special interest groups that work within specific areas with very little collaboration amongst each other. However, all these groups are working with and relying upon a region -naturally delineated by the Columbia Mountains- which provides common ecological and cultural grounds. The solution we are proposing is to identify and collaborate with all entities involved in the use and protection of the natural resources within the Columbia Mountains, to help create a coordinated and comprehensive approach that helps define and achieve economic and environmental sustainability, within a meaningful landscape unit.

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Some of our peers are the Fraser Basin Council and the Bulkley Valley Research Centre. The area of interest is what sets us apart from them. Additionally, there are several conservation groups (eg. Wildsight, Conservation Northwest, Yellowstone to Yukon) that address similar concerns but we are different in that we are not interested in promoting a conservation agenda, but rather we seek to facilitate the integration of conservation interest with those of industry, First Nations, and Governments.

Founding Story

In my quest for personal integrity, reconciliation, and validation of my core values I was often stunned by how my actions often contradicted my ideals and goals. For example, I saw no issue laying out cut-blocks for work, yet during recreational pursuits I longed for wild and pristine landscapes. Similarly, I found my self deeply concerned about the fate of the Mountain Caribou, yet I was willing to use snowmobiles when pursuing recreational objectives. Also, I was amazed by how some of my best friends worked for logging and mining companies, while others were passionate environmentalist and activists. My 'aha' moment was realizing that they are all different sides of the same coin, and the Columbia Mountains are the coin we all cherish in one way or another. Thereafter, I realized these dichotomies not only hindered my personal development; at a regional scale, they represented a barrier to defining and achieving economic and environmental sustainability and integrity.
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Columbia Mountains Resource Policy Council (Association)
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Columbia Mountains Resource Policy Council (Association)

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, BC, Revelstoke

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, BC, Revelstoke

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Thompson Okanagan, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, Columbia Basin.

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Less than a year

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Operating for less than a year

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Access, Transparency.

Social Impact
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We are trying to establish a research centre/think-tank that serves to integrate the various uses and interests within the Columbia Mountains so that we can ultimately develop a realistic and adaptive long-term plan that can steer industry, government and citizens toward economic and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to serve as a non-profit organization that will help integrate the area’s diverse regional land use plans into a comprehensive landscape-level plan for sustainable resource management and protection.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

We have assembled a strong board of directors and incorporated our association under the BC Society Act.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

To help industry, conservation groups, government and First Nations understand each others' priorities and to promote collaboration of the different groups. Within the next five years we hope to have a better sense of what sustainability (eg. extraction and protection levels) and self-sufficiency can look like for the Columbia Mountains.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Currently, financial start up costs are the greatest hindrance to our project. Our region is blessed with a wide variety of individuals with sufficient capacity to advance our project; however, we need to provide adequate incentive and resources to procure their collaboration. Last, the nature of our project involves bringing opposing views to the same table; stubbornness, and fundamentalism of opposing values could hinder our project. Tactfulness, diplomacy and highlighting our common goals can help us overcome some of the barriers.

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Our six month milestone is to build the economic foundation of the Association and to better define the roles of the BOD

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Task 1

Hold our first official Board of Directors Meeting

Task 2

Obtain Directors and Officers Liabilit Insurance

Task 3

Begin to establish contacts and identify individuals, organizations and resources relevant to our vision.

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To have procured sufficient funding to become a well established NGO

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Task 1

Continue to write grant proposals.

Task 2

Secure office space and organizational capital.

Task 3

Establish strong connections with members and collaborating organizations.

Tell us about your partnerships

We are reluctant to establish partnerships since we have been advised to avoid any such activities until adequate liability insurance is obtained.

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Our Board of Directors is young, enthusiastic and flexible. Since we all have full time employment, we keep our business interactions brief and to the point. We are like-minded individuals with strengths in different areas so we compliment each other well. Simplicity and brevity in our organization is currently our key for sucess.

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

I have ticked Human Resources/Talent as both support and need; that is, while we feel confident that we have a solid foundation in human resources and talent, we recognize there are various members of our communities that can offer even greater support than what we currently have.