Community Asset Mapping ~ Enhancing the Social Inclusion of all Citizens in the cities of Surrey/Delta

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Community Asset Mapping ~ Enhancing the Social Inclusion of all Citizens in the cities of Surrey/Delta

Surrey/Delta, CanadaSurrey, Canada
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Self Advocates will engage with local citizens, formal/informal groups and municipalities in creating a Community Asset Map of the cities of Surrey and Delta.

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Need : Empower Self Advocates to lead a community development project that looks at the Surrey/Delta communities from an asset perspective, recognizing commonality and uniting people around a positive identity. Self Advocates will lead a process of mapping assets within these communities that can and will enhance the inclusion of people with disabilities, with the emphasis being strengthening the connectedness of all citizens.

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Solution: Self Advocate lead, engage with like-minded Inclusion Focused Citizens, Businesses and Municipalities in creating a Community Asset Map of the micro communities of Surrey and Delta. We believe such a project will provide a platform to enhance the engagement and inclusion of all citizens. The project's short-term goal will be through an Asset Based Mapping project, identify people, places and things that are considered important/meaningful that could be used to leverage inclusion and connectedness of persons with disabilities in Surrey/Delta. Our long-term goal is to create asset mapping tools that provide a powerful starting point for community members, municipalities, and formal/informal groups to engage in future strength-based planning processes for enhancing the social inclusion of all citizens.
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Model: We are proposing • To collect an inventory of all the good things about the Surrey and Delta communities using strategies such as, Roving Listener (PAR, Participatory Action Research), Photo-Visioning Mapping and Video-based Mapping. • We aim to discover the reasons why people place value on the assets in these communities. • Lead by Self Advocates who will collaborate and strategize with other like-minded citizens, families, municipalities, formal/informal groups, businesses and community leaders about how to build on local community assets in order to sustain and enhance them for the future. • Ensure the community asset mapping tool is a participatory planning process that is lead by Self Advocates who will be supported to engage with a diverse amount of citizens in exploring the assets within the physical and social environments of their communities. • Create a concrete output – a map, either in paper or web based format, which can be incorporated into formal and/or informal community planning processes. • Ensure an “assets based” philosophy is utilized in all of the community mapping processes; rather than focus on problems or deficiencies, focus on identifying the community’s capacities and assets, including those of its residents, and then use these assets to build a long-term action plan. • Use the mapping as an entry point for engaging citizens in different planning contexts such as, formal and informal groups, municipal planning and actions that individual citizens can engage in that contribute towards more inclusive Surrey/Delta community.

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Marketplace: Many groups and agencies provide a list of activities and/or develop programs that are available to individuals with developmental disabilities. The lists provided are generally focused on the formal resources available with little to no information on the informal and non-resource based groups and clubs that exsist; which in fact can often be the best way for people to connect with others. We feel our idea will highlighting a variety of community assets both formal and informal, focusing on the possibilities of inclusion that already exsist and working to leverage these "inclusion gems" for future commmunity development.

Founding Story

Founding Story: We feel the difference maker in many success stories has been centered on finding individual connectedness in community that was reflective of each person’s ideal conditions for inclusion. Our thought is through engaging in a discovery-based community asset mapping project the citizens of Surrey and Delta would become better prospectors of the multiple opportunities for inclusion and connectedness. Lead by Self Advocates, we believe an asset based mapping of our communities will engage a diverse group of citizens to find and celebrate the community niches and gifts and mapping the many possibilities that will enhance the inclusion and connectedness of all citizens.
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Milieu Family Services Inc
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Milieu Family Services Inc

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Lead by Self Advocates from Surrey/Delta who will engage with citizens and groups who are champions for inclusion in developing a vision for their community, and to utilize creativity to imagine the ideal community conditions for inclusion. Incorporate stories, pictures, words and video into an Asset Mapping Guide to Enhance Community Inclusion and showcase the community inclusion asset information collected at public information sessions.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

What has been the impact of our solution to date?
To date, asset mapping has been used as a powerful tool to identify resources that can support the enhancement of social inclusion. It assists in the future mapping of strategies with the natural strengths that already exist in communities. Asset mapping has proven to lay the foundation for forward planning and can provide a benchmark from which to measure progress over time, it’s also helpful in understanding key regional systems and linkages. We are proposing to emulate this sucessful initative in the cities of Surrey/Delta.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

What is our projected impact over the next five year?
We foresee the Asset Mapping process becoming a catalyst for creating partnerships with others with common interests that the Self Advocates involvd in this project and others will mobilize into a more formalized social inclusion movement in the Surrey/Delta area. The aim is to have the asset maps created become the cornerstone of a variety of future inclusion development activities.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

What barriers might hinder the success of our project? What is our plan to overcome them?
The size and multitude of the micro-communities within the cities of Surrey & Delta may hinder the progress of the project due to the time that will be necessary to adequately complete a thorough asset map of each community.

We will be thoughtful and thorough in our engagement, allowing sufficient time to complete each micro-community and work collaboratively with other interested /like-minded groups in the regional implementation of the asset mapping project.

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Task 1

1. Self Advocate leaders define and establish who will be part of the mapping team

Task 2

2. Establish the terms of reference for the group and Mission/Vision

Task 3

3. Mapping Technique Training and Initial Asset Mapping Begins

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Task 1

1. Complete Asset Mapping of the cities of Surrey & Delta.

Task 2

2. Engage with Groups & Municipalities (Surrey/Delta) in interpreting the Asset Mapping trends.

Task 3

3. Work collaboratively to plan at an municipal level to enhance the social inclusion of all citizens

Tell us about your partnerships

We are hoping that the community asset mapping will benefit not only persons with developmental disabilities, but become an important guide for all community members living in Surrey and Delta. This project looks to be truly inclusive and would be useful for all community members. We believe groups such as, local municipalities, rotary groups, school districts and businesses will be interested partners in this endeavor.

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The mission and values of our Organization,an active Self-Advocacy group and Self Advocate leaders, dedicated volunteers and staff members,community partners that include, volunteer groups, clubs, employers etc…

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