Green Coast Rubbish

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Green Coast Rubbish

The Greater Vancouver Area, CanadaNorth Vancouver, Canada
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Green Coast Rubbish provides environmentally conscious disposal services by employing sustainable waste diversion & recycling practices at a competitive price.

About Project

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Canada is among the highest producers of solid waste per capita in the industrialized world, BC alone hauls over 2 million tonnes of waste per year. Increasingly, the human population is in need of a solution for junk removal in many capacities - not only large/small scale businesses, but also, personal consumption waste. Materials from commercial/residential demolition & deconstruction, tree work, composting, hoarder & tenant clean-outs, work site clean-ups, electronics, automotive waste and garbage are all dumped into landfills, polluting our soil, air and earth. This is not a viable, sustainable waste removal plan for our future or for the safety of our communities. The consequences for burying/burning waste are more damaging than the solution. DIVERSION.

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DIVERSION. Green Coast Rubbish (GCR) is an environmentally conscious junk removal and recycling company that thinks globally and acts locally. The mandate? NO WASTE IS WASTED. GCR strategically partners with communities and local businesses on the North Shore and in the Greater Vancouver Area providing service to Residential, Construction and Trades, Commercial, Strata and Property Management market segments diverting and recycling waste materials that would normally be taken to the local landfills. In 2010-11, GCR diverted over 315 tonnes (t) of the 420(t) hauled – A 75% diversion rate! (14% higher than competitors) Approximately 6.89(t) of furniture, clothing and other materials were donated to the Salvation Army or Habitat For Humanity and 7.5(t) of electronics and TVs were recycled refurbished or reused. With a goal of 100% DIVERSION by 2020, GCR continually strives to improve its reach and recycling practices, program development and active involvement in govt policy formation.
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Example 1: GCR organized an event called The Metro Vancouver Indian Arm Disposal Event. In September 2010, Green Coast Rubbish in partnership with Metro Vancouver offered the residents of Indian Arm a one-time, water access only, free debris disposal and recycling drop-off event. This first of its kind event enabled Indian Arm residents to recycle and dispose of waste responsibly, conveniently and economically. This initiative recovered and recycled nearly 5 tonnes of metal and garbage, 90 litres of paint, 18 litres of used oil and 32 industrial and marine batteries. This clean up event coincided with the national Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up and was held at the Cates Point Park dock facility in the District of North Vancouver. Cabin owners had the opportunity to bring in various types of debris by boat where it was appropriately sorted and disposed, and recycled. Example 2: Following the City of Vancouver’s Summer Live Festival, held July 8-10th in Stanley Park, Green Coast Rubbish was called in by the City of Vancouver to dispose of 1155 pounds of polycoat milk cartons, in addition to approximately 45 pounds of plastic that had been left behind by party goers the day before. We are please to have been able to divert and recycle 100% of the material we hauled.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Our biggest competitor is 1-800-Got-Junk & other similar companies. What sets us apart is our business model & dedication to DIVERSION rather than waste removal ONLY. GCR is progressive & environmentally conscious, we remove waste by hand sorting onsite and recycle it. We think globally & act locally! Our number one goal is to minimize waste going into our landfills by building strategic local partnerships to support from within. In 2010-11 we diverted over 315t of waste from landfills (420t total). A 75% diversion rate, (14% higher than competitors). Our goal is 100% DIVERSION by 2020. We specialize in 4 distinct market segments; Residential, Construction & Trades, Commercial, Strata & Property Management. We donate substantially to Salvation Army and The David Suzuki Foundation.

Founding Story

Green Coast Rubbish was founded in 2006, when Eamonn was attending the University of British Columbia. Frustrated with the way waste was being managed in their communities, the boys (Eamonn and his brother Cein) founded GCR on the principles of NO WASTE IS WASTED and THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY. They devised ways to offer more environmentally conscious ways to deal waste and fell back on a support system from their past. The little red wagon. This logo is very symbolic for Green Coast, having it been used throughout their childhood and now some many years later as a vehicle for their dreams of ensuring a greener future, globally and in their own backyard. The Green Coast Team firmly believes change starts with one.