Supporting Nonviolent Culture in Education

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Supporting Nonviolent Culture in Education

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A program for healthy school cultures! Development skills for kindness & caring in relationships, connection, support and education. Nonviolence is learned!

About Project

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As the Season for Nonviolence Task Force Leader in my local community I was approached by our Provincial Ministry of Education for ideas to support a new B.C. Anti bullying website. I quickly realized this was a band aid solution that continued to label, focus and emphasis the problem versus long term education and demystification of the term "bully". The focus now is reversed and the "bully" is being "bullied" by the strong need to end this behaviour. The emphasis is still on wrongdoing and a need for justice. The current attention to "bullying" is the 1st step of the recognition phase; restorative justice is 2nd towards forgiveness. What is addressing the habitual patterns creating the bully and how do we focus upon the models creating the pattern for our "new" students culturally?

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Empathy Culture through long term character development using value based education, practice, activities & awareness campaigns that include school subjects. Educators develop skills, teach & model to demonstrate relationship behaviour. Skill building levels with intro., intermediate and advanced together with calendars; of Values, Awareness Campaigns & Focus Dialogue. Objectives: 1. Understanding & skill to speak honestly & to listen so each voice is heard without interruption, competition or fixing. 2. To "connect" to the essence of what is behind words & behaviours for spontaneous resolutions. 3. To eliminate power over and power under in relationships through training to develop understanding and abilities of identifying met and unmet needs easily. 4. Introducing values based agreements to support conflicts & resolution. A shift from punitive to relationship building in education solidly structured for supporting patterns and habits of becoming self aware & responsible.
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Creating a school culture with a 3 to 5 year program of values integrated into the school curriculum. Learning through discussion, experience and community while supporting and training the person who has the highest influence on a child’s ability to learn and on character development – their teacher. The teacher is at the center of the educational experience and the heart of the school. If the teacher is supported the child learns. This program therefore has two steams of introduction. One is creating the culture and the second is training. The culture is; seasonal awareness campaigns for community and expanded value based consciousness, social media integrated for connection, motivation and inspired learning, intentional focused dialogue groups based upon current school environment and needs, value focused classroom dialogues, in classroom third siding mediation station and introducing parent only activities. The education is development of; basic language linguistics and skills, listening skills, empathy and self empathy skills, mediation based upon mutual listening and expressing with third sider training. This healthy school programs will be designed to focus on positive change by creating an environment that is for learning how to be in relationships. Relationships with understanding of how to meet everyone’s needs equally and the times of not meeting a need – understanding why (empathy rather than moralistic judgement. It will not be focusing on a negative or fixing a negative, it will be integrating skills to resolve it with ease and understanding.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There are no limits to the marketplace for these programs. This is a valuable tool for our educational systems from pre-school through colleges & universities. It includes teaching institutions for teaching any child related career focus, families, boys & girl clubs, organizations and activity related. This would benefit general community skill development classes, our health care, legal systems, government and church organization. These programs compliment any program that is currently being offered as it fills in the by teaching the basic steps that are missing on how to achieve what is needed for success of these programs. For example, roots of empathy - this is the foundation and basic language that compliments the consciousness. Also it is integrative and designed for ease.

Founding Story

My Aha moment came when I began connecting with educators about the Season for Nonviolence in my province. A Dean of Education contacted me and asked how to include these concepts into the training curriculum for students in teachers education. It became apparent that teachers are the focus point in the school society. Since our province is in conflict with teachers and this past year has been a year of labor dispute, relationships will be tense with possible unresolved issues. With strained relationships the interaction with the students could reflect this if there is any right/wrong thinking carried over into the new year. Strain, no gain! Health of our learning community begins with the person in the centre and in schools the teachers are in the centre. If teachers themselves begin to model valued based language and integrate the tools they need to express honestly and understand others more clearly, our children will benefit now and in the future.
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Supporting Nonviolent Culture in Education
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Supporting Nonviolent Culture in Education

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Vancouver, Coast and Mountains, Vancouver Island, Thompson Okanagan, Northern British Columbia, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, Kootenay Rockies, Columbia Basin.

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Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

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Access, Equity.

Social Impact
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The goal is to create a value based school culture and communication system with an increased feelings and values vocabulary. To increase the potential for creating school communities with a common focus that includes educators, parents and students. Building character and expanding empathy through integrating universal human values beyond language into humanities, world events and environmental issues. To include social media for connection and excitement beyond the school day for both parents and students. Transforming the child based on line learning model to increasing the potential for educators moving to the forefront by creating the platforms for the students to follow. Creating etiquette for social media through school media programs.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

In 2007/8 I entered into some local Greater Victoria classrooms, elementary and middle school. In the grade 3/4 class the students grasped the concepts with ease and excitement. The students in grade six were distracted and closed due to peer pressure and expectations of the teachers and aids. Without the influence of the teachers and aids the students became more attentive and willing to participate. Connecting with provincial schools in 2010/11 to expand an awareness campaign to include Peace and Nonviolence in curriculum objectives that included communication tools. This originated from a recommendation from our Premiers office from an earlier petition for nonviolence training in our B.C. schools. In April, 2012 I created a month of awareness for Nonviolent Communication in Victoria organizing weekly presentations with 30 to 40 drop ins each. Three centers and two libraries are already hosting workshops this fall on bullying & parenting to integrate home support awareness.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

This program is a commitment to build an empathy based consciousness in schools based upon integrating a values base system of communicating. conferences & training the trainers. To developing strong, interactive, updated web presence. In the 2nd added training, support, learning, practice into schools & continued promotion. The 3rd, agenda of conferences, training & support. In schools, intro, principals school wide & empathy community dev. 2nd year integrating into subjects as reference points supporting child learning & understanding. 3rd, marrying relationships & behaviours, advanced skills. Understanding & learning tools impact the behaviours & in conflicts for resolution add trust, safety & support. Conflict is relationship. The impact will be the quality of the relationships.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The barriers to the program would be at the individual school level and finding a couple of educators and parents who would be interested in carrying the momentum for organizing their school and keeping the momentum going. It would involve them attending conferences and becoming the liaison for setting up dialogue learning, practice groups and support for introducing the values project. To overcome burn out there would need to be a strong system of support for these members to tap into and well written materials and programs for generating school wide interest and ease in transitioning. It would involve having a strong social presence and personal available for on-line technical assistance and phone support. It would also require consistant follow up.

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Task 1

Completed website & social media based upon this wordpress blog mock up, that includes downloading ability for printed material

Task 2

Printed hard copies of manuals of guidelines, campaigns, programs, training, surveys,

Task 3

Hired personal or management company for support of fundraising, advertising and promotion and ensure projects success

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Task 1

Business office set up, web site and social media programs developed. Printed materials ready. Creating a community presence.

Task 2

Community connections, marketing concept, basic tools and value based calendar, including scheduling of yearly conferences.

Task 3

Organizing and promotion of Provincial conferences in three local communities with guest presenters and workshops.

Tell us about your partnerships

There is a potential to partner with members in our community sharing Nonviolent Communication and similar methods such as restorative justice. There is also the potential to partner with groups that have been working to for change for health and sustainability. These would increase the value and support of the awareness campaign calendar and create a more complete community effort. For example during the Season for the Earth - Earth Day to include a group wanting to create community gardens. There are a variety of groups that can be included for creating a successful calendar.

Are you currently targeting other specific populations, locations, or markets for your solution? If so, where and why?

Currently I have begun to target Parents on the subject of introducing Nonviolent Communication techniques. I have been asked to submit a proposal to the Early Childhood Education for Montessori Schools for their upcoming conference as a speaker. There is also pre-schools, daycare's and conferences, trade shows and focused groups that center on parenting and children.

There is potential for a referral Nonviolent Communication and similar methods for parents to hire in their communities for added training. Also for Parent Advisory Training's and Teachers Pro D Days.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

The environment of this internal organization will be based on the same principals as the methods it hopes to introduce. The intention would be to have those interested in Nonviolent Communication participate in the development. Structures for meetings and dialogues will follow the same format as being promoted to our provincial education institutions. Goals will be to focus on values and needs. Business systems developed by Nonviolent Communication facilitators will be introduced as operational procedures and guidelines with a structure for the purpose of operating the business successfully, such as hours to accommodate the clients & systems for ensuring bills are paid and collected, etc. This operation will be service orientated therefore will be organized to provide excellence.

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

I have talent with communication(nonviolent communication style) and social media. A reference is - a website/blog and app I created in order to better understand how to create a social media platform for this business plan. It have turned into an amazing social media site with promise.