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Join @Changemakers for a live #ChildrensWellbeing Twitterchat Tuesday, June 21st - 5pmPDT / 8pmEDT

Are you championing #ChildrensWellbeing? Join @Changemakers for a live Twitterchat and share your ideas with the network!

Children’s wellbeing depends deeply on the adults around them. So how can adults be supported to support kids?

What do parents, caregivers, and educators need to help children develop the building blocks of wellbeing -- a strong sense of self, purpose, and belonging? How can adults increase their own resilience and empathy skills? How can institutions co-create with families to better support adults’ and kids’ wellbeing?

We’ll discuss these questions and more during a live @Changemakers TwitterChat. Share your perspective, ask your questions, and meet a cross-sector network of children’s wellbeing leaders.

Day/Time: Tuesday, June 21st -- 8pmEDT to 9pmEDT

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