Leading Women ChangemakeHERS Reveal Blueprints for Action

Leading Women ChangemakeHERS Reveal Blueprints for Action

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Ashoka’s Changemakers brings you ChangemakeHERS. A campaign launched in honor of International Women’s Day Centennial presenting the collective wisdom of some of the world’s most accomplished women social innovators. This campaign reaches across the globe and builds on Ashoka’s deep 30-year history as a pioneer and leader in the social entrepreneurship movement.

Each day in March 2011, the Changemakers Idea ExChange blog featured compelling, concrete advice that only experienced, successful leaders can provide. The women featured on the blog are breaking down barriers to women’s empowerment and, through innovation, are tackling global problems on every front. They have succeeded at reaching their goals, and they continue to reach for more. As a reader, you have exclusive access to their insights and wisdom about what works and what doesn’t.

These women are inspiring, but ChangemakeHERS will take their expertise well beyond inspiration. It will be captured in their own words and in a way that accelerates change. At the end of the month, Changemakers experts, with a decade of experience analyzing and distilling trends, barriers, and opportunities in the field of social change, will convert the teachings into a tool for success for women around the world and for anyone working to make a difference.

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Weekly Highlights

  • Week 4 (Highlights and a key emergent theme)
  • Week 3 (Highlights and four key principles critical to the evolution of the social entrepreneurship sector as it stands today)
  • Week 2 (Iman Bibars, Judith rodin, Leila Janah, Melinda Gates, Talia Leman, Carolina Nieto)
  • Week 1 (Ziba Cranmer, Lana Hijazi, Ewa Wojkowska, Christine Grumm, Jess Weiner, Emily May, and Fran Drescher)

Voices of ChangemakeHERS

Honorees are listed in alphabetical order. 

Albina Ruiz, Executive Director of Ciudad Saludable, Ashoka Fellow
Astrid Aafjes, Founder and Executive Director of Women Win
Dr. Auma Obama, CARE USA's Sports for Social Change Initiative Program Technical Advisor
Beatriz Pellizzari, Executive Director of La Usina, Ashoka Fellow
Becky Buell, Co-founder and Co-director of Meteos
Carie Lemack, Co-founder of the Global Survivors Network
Carolina Nieto, President of Saber Para la Vida, Ashoka Fellow
Caroline Casey, CEO of Kanchi and the O2 Ability Awards
Casimira Rodriguez, Human Rights Activist, Ashoka Fellow
Dr. Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green
Chetna Sinha, Mann Deshi Mahila Bank, Ashoka Fellow
Christine Grumm, President and CEO of the Women's Funding Network
Christine Singer, Co-founder and CEO of E+Co
Diana Wells, President of Ashoka
Dilma Felizardo Ferreira, Casa Renascer, Ashoka Fellow
Elena Durón, Proyecto P.E.T.I.S.O.S., Ashoka Fellow
Dr. Elizabeth Odera, Director of Sadili Oval
Emily May, Co-founder and Executive Director of Hollaback
Eva Walusimbi, Co-founder of the Maranatha School
Ewa Wojkowska, Co-founder and COO of Kopernik
Fran Drescher, President and Visionary of Cancer Schmancer
Gloria D'Souza, Founder of Parisar Asha Environmental Education Centre, Ashoka Fellow
Dr. Heather Cameron, Founder of Boxgirls International, Ashoka Fellow
Dr. Iman Bibars, Leadership Group Member, Ashoka VP, Regional Director of Ashoka Arab World
Jess Weiner, Author, Self-Esteem Expert, Consultant, and Media Personality
Dr. Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation
Karen Dillon, Editor at Harvard Business Review
Katherine Lucey, Founder and Executive Director of Solar Sisters
Kathrine Switzer, First Female Boston Marathoner and National Women's Hall of Fame Inductee
Lana Hijazi, Co-founder of Souktel
Lauri Elliott, CEO, Conceptualee, Inc., USA
Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource
Lesley Ann Van Selm, Founder of Khulisa Social Solutions
Lydia Gilbert, Clinton Global Initiative
Marta Arango, Founder of International Center for Education and Human Development (CINDE)
Melinda French Gates, Co-chair and Trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Monica Gonzalez, Women's Sports Foundation
Nelsa Inês Fabian Nespolo, Director-president of Cooperativa Central Justa Trama
Prerna Singh Bindra, Journalist and Activist
Raquel Barros, President of Lua Nova Association, Ashoka Fellow
Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ritah Sembuya Namusisi, Founder of Joyce Fertility Support Centre
Sara Diestro, Co-founder of Club Alianza Lima, Ashoka Fellow
Sara Ost, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at EcoSalon.com
Sarah Kambou, President of the International Center for Research on Women
Sejal Hathi, Founder, President and Executive Director of Girls Helping Girls
Sikha Roy, Founder, SRREOSHI, Ashoka Fellow
Sophia Tickell, Co-founder and Co-director of Meteos
Talia Leman, Founder of RandomKid
Teresa Clarke, CEO of Africa.com
Vickie Cammack, President and CEO of Tyze Personal Networks
Ziba Cranmer, Vice President at Cone Inc.