Google+ Hangout #4: Food Processing and Fortification to Redefine the Value of Food

Google+ Hangout #4: Food Processing and Fortification to Redefine the Value of Food

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“Nutrients are the connecting thread between us, the food we eat, and the soil that it comes from, relating to nearly every aspect of life. The complex, and remarkable, thing about making nutrients available for human beings is it requires making nutrients available for all—for ecosystems, soils, farms, plants, animals, and ourselves.”

The food industry plays a pivotal role in making “Nutrients for All” a reality.

In many places, food production tends to prioritize standardization. The goal is for food and crops to be distributed in the largest volume, sold at the lowest price, and stored for the longest time. Nutrient retention was considered secondary with manufacturers valuing preservation, quantity, price, presentation and consistency. Moreover, there is a growing body literature questioning the effectiveness of adding nutrients back into foods.

But the future is not so grim…

Future-thinking food companies are evolving their production methods to produce more nutrient-rich products, as well as deliberate interventions to fortify commodity foods with broad arrays of bio-available micronutrients.  In the not-so-distant future, agricultural and food companies will also trade and source crop commodities based on standardized measures of verifiable biologically-available nutrient content.  They will produce full spectrum.

Join us March 14th at 11-11:30am EST for a Google+ Hangout to debate food processing techniques and food fortification models that can break the cycle of nutrient depletion.

The Hangout will air live from our homepage, and you can RSVP on the Google+ Event Page.

And make sure to join the Live Twitter Chat too!

• Log-in to your Twitter account a little before  11 a.m. EST on Thursday, March. 14th
• Use the #nutrients4all hashtag to make your Hangout comments visible in the stream.
• Introduce yourself and take a minute to get to know the other chatters when you join.
• Send your questions for participants to @changemakers. The top questions will be publicly featured in the last 10 minutes of the Hangout.


Discussion Question

What kind of food processing and fortification solutions are closing the gap in both food security and availiability of nutrient-rich food?