Re-imagine Learning Challenges: Pioneers Hangout Series

Re-imagine Learning Challenges: Pioneers Hangout Series

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There’s a growing demand in the workplace, and at almost every level of our global society, for innovative solutions to serious challenges. For young people to succeed in our rapidly changing world, they’ll need to be able to think on their feet and channel their natural creativity as purposeful problem solvers.

Play has a critical role in establishing the vital early learning skills that underpin all other learning throughout our lives. It's also one of the best ways for children and young people to develop their skills as changemakers. Play has even be shown to help build a better brain.

What will it take to make structured opportunities for play available to children around the world? How can we ensure that decision makers appreciate that social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and creative skills are just as important as literacy and numeracy? How can we create consistent terminology around learning through play and also spread methods to measure the impact of initiatives that foster creativity and imagination?

To try to answer these tough questions, and others, the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka are co-hosting live-streamed roundtable discussion series with seriously playful educator-innovators in the lead up to the 2015 LEGO Foundation IDEA Conference in Billund, Denmark.

Who are these educator-innovators? Twenty “Re-imagine Learning Challenge” Pioneers, who’ll discuss barriers to change, including mindsets, measurement, financing, the differences between formal and informal learning, and more.

Tomorrow, at 11:30 a.m. EDT, catch the fifth and final entry in our Re-imagine Learning Pioneers Hangout series: a conversation about how to measure creativity, provide proof of impact while keeping pedagogy as playful as possible, and more.

Host Daniel Plaut, Senior Program Associate at the Results for Development Institute (R4D), will pick the brains of three playful learning Pioneers:

Have questions for the panel? Ask them on Twitter with the hashtag #play2learn.


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