UNICEF Picks Top Nine Aid Innovations From the Near Future

UNICEF Picks Top Nine Aid Innovations From the Near Future

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Want to save the world? UNICEF might have an answer to that question.

Instructional T-shirts, social gaming that generates aid funding and “information blankets” for newborn babies all made UNICEF's list of the top world aid innovations coming in the near future.

According to The Independent in London, the children’s aid agency picked the potential lifesaving tools in connection with a study by tech publisher PSFK called The Future of Health.

Medical consultations via text, eye screenings via cell phone, and digital health information tracking are all cited in the report as potential innovations to help communities with poor health care or poor access to hospitals.

“Give City,” was the idea for an as-yet-created social game à la Facebook's Farmville which would help generate donations for aid agencies.

Zynga, the game company that created Farmville, rakes in more than $150 million in revenue from the micropayments players make to improve their virtual farms.

Other humanitarian advances—from the LifeStraw to crisis mapping—are already helping aid agencies.

By Ben Murray, Tonic.com

Photo by Nieuwslicht on Flickr