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Enabling Farmers Reach Markets - a 'click-and-mortar' solution combining ICT platform and ground supply chain network to fix the agri crisis. Key pain areas for farmers is marketing support , rising input costs , migration of educated and skilled labour to cities and having to bear all wastage/transport costs for uncertain revenue. For any modern industry the various key functions like production, marketing, sales, HR and logistics are managed by professionals and backed by advanced software and ICT tools .


Arohana Dairy Private Limited

for profit

Arohana Dairy Private Limited (Arohana), is a for-profit social enterprise set up with an aim to ensure that the Indian dairy farmer is able to run the dairy farm as a lucrative primary or secondary occupation without a debilitating dependency on labour.
Arohana’s vision is “Leading rural communities to a better tomorrow”. Arohana Dairy is working to create highly productive dairy clusters by providing conveniences to the dairy farmer enabling her to:

-augment her income

-expand herd size

-adopt to appropriate automation at the community level and


ONergy - Access to Clean Energy in Rural India


ONergy is for-profit social enterprise providing decentralized energy solutions to rural households impacting over 50,000 lives since April 2010. We provide reliable and affordable clean energy solutions and execute projects across lighting, cooking and electrification. We build an ecosystem which connects technology, finance and grassroot organizations - to manage the needs, aspirations and resources of rural BoP beneficiaries. ONergy was established in 2009, led by a strong mission to provide solar energy to 1 million lives by 2016.

Innovation througth waste Recycling

Innovation through waste Recycling is a project that will focus on using trash to create opportunities for young people. This Project main Goals are: To create jobs opportunities for young people through waste recycling innovation idea, and to also create clean and green environment through waste value chain. Establish an Innovation center that will engage in the following: Using organic waste to produce natural fertilizer(Compost), Use carbon paper to produce furniture for homes and schools and Use glass bottle to produce chain.


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Freshman Inventors“Deja (15) & Canyon Viau “view” (12)  siblings. What they don’t teach in school!  Kids who are proven Entrepreneurs mentoring new/young inventors to get their products to marketCompetition each week, winner gets cash, patent (no cash up front “patents” in many instances to submitters), commercialization opportunity (with our Corporate partners, ½ Billion Dollar companies)Multiple revenue sources to include, product sales, product placement, branding2.


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Visibility is an online platform to connect the actors in the social sector from citizens, beneficiaries, professionals, organizations, and governments to learn, connect and collaborate.

Visibility offers a knowledge center, marketplace to help everyone understand what works and what is needed.

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