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Cox email is mostly people are used in email application market. We are given customer support for cox email technical issue. If you are user of cox email application and facing the error of email , if any technical error issue regarding your cox email, +1-800-982-1502 call us toll free number .


Philonoist platform, an e-learning platform allows students to learn and access needed I.T, soft skill and vocational trainings through an interactive bidding process which allows tutors earn by sharing their skills with someone interested in them

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Accelerating Impact in the Apparel Industry - Ashoka Convene Leaders in Bangalore, India

Between 26-28 May 2017, Ashoka, C&A Foundation and partner A.T. Kearney will convene hand-picked social entrepreneurs with industry leaders to co-create and accelerate systems-wide impact across the apparel industry.

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Ashoka Fellow Lis Suarez on Women's Empowerment and the Future of Fashion

The hands that make our clothes overwhelmingly belong to women. More and more companies and social entrepreneurs understand that lifting up and empowering these women is necessary to building a more equitable industry.

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Ashoka Fellow María Almazán Calls For A Conscious Revolution In The Fashion Industry.

The fashion industry is responsible for serious environmental and social problems at a global scale, being the second most contaminating sector in the world, following the oil industry.

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