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Introducing The First 5 Fabric of Change Ashoka Fellows

February 7th 2017 Washington DC:  Ashoka and C&A Foundation have identified the first cohort of five social entrepreneurs for the Fabric of Change Fellowship to nurture solutions to fashion industry challenges.  Launched in 2015, the joint initiative Fabric of Change supports innovators at various stages of their development, unlocking the unique power and potential of social entrepreneurs and their solutions to advance a shared vision: transforming the apparel industry as a force for good.

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Scheduling is a necessity in today’s hectic world where planners do show a very concise and easily visible view of one’s week. Only issue is it would be difficult to bring with you everywhere but one thing most people bring is their cellphone. My project is to sync all your dates onto a touchscreen

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Organisations and businesses around the world are looking for effective ways to reduce staffing cost, hire talented technical people who can add value and innovate within their organisations. At eWorker we provide them with access to the most talented, driven & smartest developers in Africa.


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Globally, brains are wasted as the poor are not linked to the information economy. Simultaneously, the cost of human computation is prohibitively high in developed countries. PulaCloud links the untapped human computation capacity of the developing world with wicked problems in the developed world