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Grupo temático online Acceso a Financiamiento

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Grupo de discusión online: Alimentos transgénicos: ¿riesgo o solución?


 ¿Sabemos lo que realmente consumimos?¿Constituyen los alimentos transgénicos una respuesta segura a los problemas nutricionales y alimenticios? ¿Conocemos cuál es el impacto sobre el medio ambiente y el bienestar de las personas?

¿Puede la modificación genética en plantas y animales llevarnos hacia un futuro con fuertes cultivos y salud para todos, o seremos víctimas de los efectos adversos causados por la toxicidad potencial de los alimentos y del control corporativo?

Geotourism Challenge 2009: Power of Place - Sustaining the Future of Destinations

Join our search for the most innovative examples of geotourism around the globe. Enter by the extended deadline May 25, 2009.

This 2009 Geotourism Challenge, sponsored by National Geographic and Ashoka Changemakers, attracted 610 innovative geotourism entries. Check out these destinations from 81 countries that promote natural and cultural heritage while improving the well-being of the local people.

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Cabinet d'intermédiation financière C.I.F

Les Jeunes en Afrique activités après leur  Etudes Ont Beaucoup De Opportunité De CREER UNE Entreprise MAIS 99% de ses  Jeunes sont BLOQUES PAR Un manque de financement OU ENCORE UNE MAUVAISE Etude de leur  projets. voici pourquoi je viens pour etre l'intermediaire entre les bailleurs de fond et qui n'ont pas le temmps  d'étudier les petit projet et les porteurs de projets qui n'ont pas d'argent. 


14° 45' 27.54" N, 17° 21' 15.5592" W

Ruby Cup

for profit

Ruby Cup is an award winning social business that sells a healthy and long-lasting alternative to pads and tampons. A lack of affordable sanitary products has an impact on school absenteeism and so for each Ruby Cup sold, the company cross-subsidizes one to a girl in Kenya.

Made Blue


Made Blue matches the water consumption of companies by creating clean drinking water in developing countries: 1 liter for 1 liter. By 1Q2015 Made Blue has realized over 800 million liters of clean drinking water in developing countries, enough to serve over 100.000 people for a year.

Motadem Consulting


Education4Entrepreneurship is a proactive project that fosters entrepreneurial ecosystems and provides support services, and specialized training programs for students-graduates and employees on industry-relevant management competencies that empower them to be self employed and globally competitive.


for profit

Produire des jus naturels à partir de fruits locaux afin de répondre aux besoins de la population en terme d'alimentation et valoriser la production agricole.



Transfo convierte proyectos sociales en negocios para que dependan en menor medida de donativos y escalar su impacto. Transfo cuenta con un fondo de inversión de impacto que coloca deuda (créditos) proveniente de fondos de filantropía, ofreciendo un retorno sin dividendos para los inversionistas.

Proyecto DeLuz

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Somos un emprendimiento productivo y comercial con lucro social.

Destinamos el 100% de las ganancias de la producción y venta de nuestros vinos DeLuz, a generar oportunidades de inclusión y desarrollo para personas en situación de riesgo social, especialmente jóvenes y personas con discapacidad.


for profit

Millbug is a South African company started by Sabelo Sibanda and Thulisile Volwana that has developed Africa's first solar powered tablet PC. The Millbug team found that major impediments to growth are often infrastructure related. A tablet that works without electricity could bypass this.

Colabora 2015

Se trata de un proyecto innovador en el que los colaboradores que trabajan voluntariamente proyectan en los participantes seleccionados una serie de alternativas a elegir para desarrollar un proyecto de uso organizativo que permita o facilite su puesta en valor en el mercado laboral mediante propuestas a empresas, o incluso su inserción directa en el mercado laboral como asalariado o autoempleado de manera exitosa y eficaz.
Paralelamente, los participantes contaran con el acompañamiento de manera ininterrumpida de un Coach individual.




for profit

LetsEndorse is a crowd-endorsing platform that brings together NGOs, businesses, community & Government to drive & accelerate social change. Social campaigns 'endorsed' and supported by people are funded by businesses in order to build their brand as a responsible and socially-conscious entities.

Monedero Ecológico

for profit

Promovemos la cultura del reciclaje de todo tipo de residuos que se generan a diario por medio de incentivos, para evitar el agotamiento de los recursos naturales no renovables, logrando impactos sociales, ambientales y económicos. Y contribuimos con soluciones para las comunidades más vulnerables.



Project for solving the problem of cooking Gas Cylinders Distribution in the developing countries and help them in Urban development and slum upgrading


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

RoundAPP® te permite redondear tus pagos con tarjeta de crédito o débito con el fin de donar esta pequeña cantidad de cada operación a la organización sin ánimo de lucro o proyecto social de tu interés. Céntimo a céntimo, una forma fácil y sencilla de cambiar el mundo sin darte cuenta.



1. Create awareness on the need to run business in the formal way.
2. Provide educateion on proper business procedures that promote sustainability and growth.
3. Provide personal mentoring to entrepreneurs.
4. Reach out to as many entrepreneurs as possible.
5. Promote business sturtups in rural hold

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Vacaciones sin Huella© combina el reconocimiento de operadores turísticos responsables (Sello Verde) con la concientización de los turistas en una guía de educación ambiental (Pasaporte Verde), que difunde un destino comprometido con el Turismo Sustentable.Adaptamos el Pasaporte Verde de la campaña Green Passport del PNUMA, incorporándo el cálculo de la Huella de Carbono de las vacaciones para que el turista logre mitigarla y compensarla, optando por prestadores turísticos reconocidos y actividades de bajo impacto que el destino ofrezca.


42° 54' 55.9908" S, 71° 19' 19.7184" W

Perama Center

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The main purposes of Perama Center activities are increasing the quality and competence of human resources internally and externally. Concerning to the environment and society, the main purpose is developing tourism objects.

Corporate Duty (C.D)


Corporate Duty is a tool that connects the state revenue collector and the National Labor Leadership to efficiently converge compliance, reporting, recovery and clearance functions of five state organs involved with statutory deductions, University Education Loans Recovery and Best Labor Practice.



The organisation is focused on fostering a sense of community, giving culture and building conscientious leaders. Achieved by connecting people who are willing to support a cause, sponsor a project, and volunteer with a variety of charities and non-governmental organisations via an online platform.

Growing Young Leaders

Someone I look up to asked "Do you want to create your own wave or surfboard?"-Andrew Mahiga. Growing young leaders program is aimed at bridging the gap between graduates and employees. Over 40% of the Tanzanian graduates are unemployed. What if instead of waiting to react, individuals pro-acted?

Heritage of Hope

for profit

We are a private nonprofit corporation. proposing to build a 250-bed hospital/research facility specializing in patient care, Cancer, Nano-technology, Stem Cell Therapeutic Research and medical education. We focus on Patient-Centered comprehensive Care.

PACEMaker International

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

PACE places Kenyan youth as teaching assistants in understaffed public schools for 6 month periods. We offer training in employment relevant skills coupled with an opportunity for youth to deeply impact the lives of younger students in low-income communities. We turn youth into active changemakers.

Agenda Sustentabilidade

for profit

A Agenda Sustentabilidade nasce para agregar todo e qualquer tipo e formato de evento que envolva a sustentabilidade nos eixos principais: economia, espiritualidade, cultura, educação, sociedade, ambiente, política e território.

Não importa quem propõe o evento nem o formato.


for profit

Labit seeks to address inequity and injustice in the only sustainable way - by helping people to help themselves. By being immersed within in the community it is trying to change, Labit assist entrepreneurs by incubating their small business ideas during an 18-month process.


for profit

CONATED 2014-Congresso Nacional de Treinamento e Desenvolvimento nasce com o objetivo de ajudar a pratica de trabalho de líderes, gestores e pessoas voltadas a área de gestão de pessoas e desenvolvimento. Um congresso com 30 experts do desenvolvimento Humano, consagrados palestrantes, escritores.