Fair trade

Acriapa Cooperative

for profit

The project results from a local community group of stingless beekeepers that in 2005 have decided to work together. The initiative has been transformed in a cooperative that is one of the most innovative projects protecting native bee populations, improving livelihoods and empowering local people.

Denisse Kuri

for profit

Denisse Kuri comes with the mission of preserving the tradition of indigenous textiles, the valuation of women, and their emotional and economic independence, integrating neglected communities, making the importance of their work and their costumes for our culture is known.

Esperanza Soap Ventures

for profit

Esperanza Soap Ventures is a social enterprise that produces handmade soap with a mission to provide jobs, empowerment & dignity to women living in poverty. Our soaps are all natural & handmade by women we train as soap makers, making a fair wage and gaining the ability to invest in their families.

WUW (walk your way)

for profit

WUW is a project to create shoes that makes happy the one who wear them and the one who makes them ! They will bring back awareness to artisans in India and to their hard work and intelligence. WUW shoes will be a product with a story to preserve and spread to others.

Amygdala Bamboo

for profit

Sela Awi are a bamboo birdcage village and well known for their skills. But its a segmented market, sometimes the profit are not enough to fulfill their basic needs. Amygdala try to help them by designing new product based on their skill and make a brand to broaden the market and increase demands.

The Fabric Social

for profit

The Fabric Social is a conscious clothing label with one important difference. We work exclusively with women affected by armed conflict, putting an end to their economic isolation. By zeroing in on war torn areas, we are targeting one of the primary causes of armed conflict: poverty.