Income generation

Moringa Oil

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Et si vous n'achetiez qu'une seule huile pour votre alimentation et vos soins cosmétiques?
Monter une plantation de Moringa afin de produire une huile pure, naturelle et bonne pour la santé. Le Moringa est riche en vitamines et acides oléiques. Consommer de lhuile de Moringa c'est être consomACTEUR


for profit

Globally, brains are wasted as the poor are not linked to the information economy. Simultaneously, the cost of human computation is prohibitively high in developed countries. PulaCloud links the untapped human computation capacity of the developing world with wicked problems in the developed world

Bee the Change


Bee the Change work with women in low-income communities to offer them supplemental income through the sale of beehive by-products. We are addressing poverty and the the disappearance of bees, ( which provide 1/3 of the worlds food supply through pollination), by teaching women beekeeping.