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Winners Announced! The three winners will each receive a prize of US$5,000 from Ashoka Changemakers, and will be invited to participate in a collaboration workshop with Ashoka’s Changemakers and ExxonMobil during summer/fall 2010.

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Three $5,000 prizes
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The three winners will each receive a prize of US$5,000 from Ashoka Changemakers, and will be invited to participate in a collaboration workshop with Ashoka’s Changemakers and ExxonMobil during summer/fall 2010.
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Skill Scout, Inc.

Skill Scout is an innovative hiring firm that wants to disrupt the status quo and promote a human-centered approach. They recruit talent who might be otherwise ignored by companies, based on their resume. By using video to describe jobs, and hands-on activities to show job seekers' skills - Skill Scout creates better matches and a more authentic hiring process. 


United States
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Dieudonné Parfait ONANA ONANA's picture

Cabinet d'intermédiation financière C.I.F

Les Jeunes en Afrique activités après leur  Etudes Ont Beaucoup De Opportunité De CREER UNE Entreprise MAIS 99% de ses  Jeunes sont BLOQUES PAR Un manque de financement OU ENCORE UNE MAUVAISE Etude de leur  projets. voici pourquoi je viens pour etre l'intermediaire entre les bailleurs de fond et qui n'ont pas le temmps  d'étudier les petit projet et les porteurs de projets qui n'ont pas d'argent. 


14° 45' 27.54" N, 17° 21' 15.5592" W


for profit

Sokonect is a technological agribusiness tool that connects small scale farmers with the market at the comfort of their farm using mobile technology,thereby reducing the long distribution channel of selling their products and maximizing on their revenue.

muhumuza gilbert's picture

ensuring food security and increasing productivity

This is a project through which high field irrigation will be implemented ,weather forecasting done done through the mobile platform application,better seeds planted and effective fertilizers accessed to farmers in order for them to add value to their agricultural products and mitigating climate,pest and inadequate water problems.Improved mechanisation will be enhanced through purchase lease financing or equity buying so that farmers with large tracts of land can be able to multiply their yields


0° 18' 46.1376" N, 32° 35' 5.7624" E
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

IJPDH BURUNDI est un projet initier par les jeunes dans le but d'améliorer la situation socio-économique des personnes vivant avec un Handicap à travers la formation professionnelle et l'entrpreunariat social.


for profit

Tugende helps motorcycle taxi drivers own their own motorcycles in eighteen months or less instead of renting indefinitely. Ownership significantly increases income, job security and road safety, allowing drivers to lift themselves up the economic ladder.

Hello Tractor, Inc.


Hello Tractor is a social enterprise focused on improving food and income security for the rural poor, beginning in Nigeria. We designed a low cost Smart Tractor that pairs its owner with farmers requesting and paying for tractor services via SMS - think Uber!

Motadem Consulting


Education4Entrepreneurship is a proactive project that fosters entrepreneurial ecosystems and provides support services, and specialized training programs for students-graduates and employees on industry-relevant management competencies that empower them to be self employed and globally competitive.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Réduire le taux de chômage et la précarité de l'emploi des jeunes en Afrique doivent passer par l'amélioration des performances des micros et petites entreprises qui représentent 90% au Sénégal et soutenir l'auto-emploi chez les jeunes à travers l'accés au financement et l'accompagnement (mentorat).

Cherehani Africa

Cherehani Africa provides sewing machines to less fortunate women in rural areas of Africa and facilitates training for them on tailoring and fashion business/ entrepreneurship; to enable them start and run successful fashion businesses. Women are the core of economic development for any community.

FareStart Industries


Conceptualized to provide 300 undereducated, under-skilled and displaced individuals with education support and job placement every year.

Enterprise will provide technical support, mentoring and workshops for individuals and organizations in San Jose, California as a way to generate revenue.

Cajon de Oportunidades

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

En los centros educativos está en auge el bullying donde adolescentes son humillados, por medio de comentarios y burlas lo que ocasiona baja autoestima, deserción; nuestra idea es brindar talleres con metodología ludica, sensibilizándolos y apoyarlos a ser agentes de cambio en sus escuelas

SokoText Colombia

for profit

SokoText economically empowers small food vendors in urban slums. Using mobile phones, we aggregate demand in the slums to provide wholesale prices to vendors. This way, we increase their livelihoods and contribute to food security at the Base of the Pyramid.

BizSuccess Today


The HeadStart Business Accelerator and Coworking space aims to raise the success rates of startups in Mandeville, Jamaica and increase the level of employment for youth and women. It will do this through training and development, fundraising and the creation of a vibrant startup eco-system.

tiphub Africa


tiphub, the mentorship driven accelerator and business consultancy that develops and supports seed stage technology and social impact ventures within Africa and the African Diaspora. We provide technical and management assistance in addition to catalytic funding.

Bengkel APPeK

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Bengkel APPeK is helping landless women farmer to raise their participation in local development process and generate income through independent and sustainable productive economic model.

Specialisterne UK


We are seeking corporate public sector partners for the purpose of placing adults with autism into employment, mainly in IT related roles. Our clients benefit because these individuals possess unique skills, in an area where there is a skills shortage. Our candidates need support to find this work.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Reduce unemployment and precarious employment of young people in Africa has to be done through the improved performance of micro and small enterprises which account for 90 % in Senegal and support self - employment among young people through access to funding and support ( mentoring)

Uganda Bags and Beads

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

'Uganda Bags and Beads' helps poor rural Ugandan women to make a living and provide for their children. At present, 57 single mothers and widows are given the opportunity to generate their own income by manufacturing bags and beads then sold with the help of international volunteer distributors.

Livable Products


ROPE hope is spreading the intriguing story of reclaimed rope weavers around poor shipping areas in the Philippines. Old ship ropes are reused to create a continuous livelihood for local recycling communities. ROPE hope promotes the reclaimed rope materials by making a new range of, livable products