Expresse seus sentimentos com flores provindas do comércio justo

Um buquê de flores pode dizer “Eu te amo”, “Sinto muito” ou “Melhoras”.  Mas se forem flores provenientes do comércio justo, elas também  dirão: “Eu me importo”.










Portuguese, Brazil

Dites-le avec des fleurs achetées chez Commerce Juste.

Lorsque vous achetez un bouquet de fleurs chez « Commerce Juste »vous appuyez la santé et le soutien des employés de l´industrie des fleurs, dont la plupart, sont des femmes d´Amérique Centrale et d´Amérique du Sud, cultivés sans insecticides ou substances toxiques.
Aux EEUU vous pouvez les trouver chez Whole Foods, Giant et Food Emporium, ainsi que chez des commerces en ligne tel que Autrement vous pouvez contacter TransFair pour obtenir davantage d´information.


Better Medicine

Medical centers are always looking for new ways to deliver better, more affordable care. The latest studies are showing that what goes on just outside the medical exam room can make the biggest difference.  If patients can learn to take on some of the management of their own health, their outcomes are better and costs are lower.


Rising From the Heap: Waste Collectors Assert their Humanity

Milind Ranade is cleaning up the working conditions of unskilled laborers in Indian cities. Through the revolutionary labor union he founded, Kachra Vahtuk Sanghash Samiti (KVSS), or the 'Waste Collectors and Transporters Union,' Ranade is challenging corruption, and championing the untouchable waste collectors who have been neglected by India's mainstream labor organizations.


Greening the White House: Van Jones takes the green-collar initiative to Washington, D.C.

Have you ever noticed that the healthiest lifestyles are found in the wealthiest communities? The organic markets, bike paths, and hybrid cars are luxuries for the privileged, though value is universal. Enter social activist Van Jones. A graduate of Yale Law School and author of the bestseller, The Green Collar Economy, Jones is on the bullhorn calling the world to recognize the value of green within reach—and he’s taking his message straight to the White House.


From Favela to Fashion

'You can see the invisible!'

This is what Tete Romeiro was told when did the unexpected and paid off a bank loan, long before it was due, for the building that she built for the women's sewing cooperative she founded in the early 1980s.

And it’s true. She was able to see what others could not: the potential for a successful high fashion business in a Brazilian shantytown.


When a Mountain Trek is a Monumental Leap – for Women

Lucky Chhetri came up with a plan to help tourists and improve the lives of Nepalese women at the same time, after hearing numerous stories from female trekkers who'd had uncomfortable -- or worse -- experiences with their male guides.