eFarm Direct


Enabling Farmers Reach Markets - a 'click-and-mortar' solution combining ICT platform and ground supply chain network to fix the agri crisis. Key pain areas for farmers is marketing support , rising input costs , migration of educated and skilled labour to cities and having to bear all wastage/transport costs for uncertain revenue. For any modern industry the various key functions like production, marketing, sales, HR and logistics are managed by professionals and backed by advanced software and ICT tools .

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Grupo temático online: TIC, Medios y Acceso a Mercado


For the English version go to ICT, Media and Market Access” thematic group 

Para a versão em Português ir:  grupo temático “TIC, Meios e acesso ao Mercado” 


Bienvenidos al grupo temático "TIC, Medios y Acceso a Mercado", propuesto desde Ashoka Changemakers, y diseñado junto el BID/FOMIN y su Cluster de Turismo Sostenible (CTS).

Gen Y Inc.

for profit

Gen Y Inc. is a multigenerational culture consultancy that helps organizations not only attract the right people for the right reasons, but articulate and understand their internal culture to boost engagement, productivity, moral, and increase retention.


for profit

Two4one is Kenya’s first provider of a membership  system to enable members get access to various good discounts and deals offered by hotels, clubs and restaurants. We work together with the service providers in the hospitality industry to expose these good deals to the two4one members.

Fété Impact Development


Fété Impact Development est un cabinet de conseil et de formation en gouvernance, stratégie, gestion de projets et marketing. Conscient que sans prendre en compte la dimension « Homme » toute action est vaine, à Fété Impact Development nous œuvrons pour améliorer la vie de chaque être humain.



nasHope is a interactive social platform that bring Non-profit organization activities online and offer services such as donation platform , market place for NGOs incubated poor productive families and volunteering platform, accessible via all mobile devices.



Transform, an approach working with young people who believes they are best able to thrive when they are supported across all sectors of the community by individuals, businesses and more through mentorship by 2025. It facilitates career selection, career advancement and achievement of grant funding.


Snail produces and distributes “gros gris” snails, one of
the most highly demanded snails in the international food
market. Snail aims to revitalize this lucrative, traditional
industry by establishing “snail farms” and teaching rural
women the snail farming techniques to help them generate their own income. Snail
also differs from its competitors by ensuring year-round
supply and a high-quality Snails.