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Incentivizing Sustainable Fashion: Lessons From Social Entrepreneurs

An estimated 75 million people are now employed by the apparel industry. It’s a number that has almost quadrupled in the last 15 years. With this exponential growth, the not-so-hidden costs of fashion too have increased. 

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Weaving the #FabricofChange: the moral crisis of fast fashion.

Each year, 80 billion pieces of clothing are purchased across the globe, which is 400% more than 10 years ago. Unsurprisingly these sales constitute a major financial market. The fashion brand Christian Dior is one of the biggest companies in the world - last year their sales totalled $41.6 billion, roughly  equivalent to the GDP of Tunisia.

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Eliminar a Ideia de Lixo

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Eliminar a ideia de lixo é a missão da TerraCycle, um negócio social que desenvolve programas nacionais de reciclagem por meio do patrocínio das fabricantes e do protagonismo do consumidor: principal agente na mobilização de redes de coleta que fomentam a educação ambiental e geram doações sociais.