Business & Social Enterprise


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This is an initiative towards self-employment and self relience to fight against poverty in conflict affected areas through a social franchise of village bank where community women are mobilized and engaged in : -
1. Micro-finance
2.Vocational, agriculture and livestock skills
3. Savings



Feeleez offers tools to build and support emotional development in children and their caregivers. We have made it our mission to help children, parents, teachers, therapists, counselors, and caregivers receive and offer empathy. Our tools are used by, and made available to, a diverse global community.

The centerpiece of the Feeleez mission is our matching game. Twenty five pairs of sturdy card tiles use facial expressions and body language to illustrate brave, sad, worried, surprised, amazed, etc. With ideas for use at play and in the classroom.

Our entire line of tools include:

Catalyst Finance

MS will deliver credit at reasonable interest rates to be an affordable alternative to predatory lenders.Our loans are distributed to individuals living below the poverty line who have great business ideas but have difficulty accessing credit at reasonable rates
Each member will have equal share holding.

Kirah Design, un nuevo concepto en artesania

for profit

Kirah Design nacio con el fin de generar oportunidades reales de trabajo a artesanos bolivianos. Creamos piezas unicas con disenos contemporaneos, identidad cultural y altos estandares de calidad. Con un enfoque de negocios combinamos 3 elementos esenciales: trabajar con artesanos de la base de la piramide, utilizar materiales reciclados o desechos y aplicar el enfoque del mercado hacia atras.

Rural ERP

for profit

Niqotin is an Enterprise Application Service provider and our flagship product Rural ERP is the World't first Indian Lanuaguge Cloud ERP for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, MSMEs.



Zambikes is a social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes high quality bicycles, ambulance trailers and cargo trailer to underprivileged, empowering individuals to fight the mindset of poverty and address economic and social needs worldwide.