Business & Social Enterprise


Transformar uma aldeia com recursos naturais e humanos não aproveitados numa aldeia sustentavel e próspera em termos de empregabilidade, desenvolvimento, produção agricola, produção animal e pequena industria. Receitas vocacionadas para o apoio à terceira idade e à reabilitação social.


DAZI 141 Action

DAZI is a social enterprise that aims at preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage - Miao Wax Printing and helping the needy through innovative designs and incorporating cultural wax printing in our fashion garments. DAZI 141 stands for buy ONE and give young artists ONE Opportunity, buy ONE and give midlife unemployed women ONE Job, and buy ONE and give a less fortunate child ONE Hope.


To be able explore and bring out the best of the vast agricultural resources in Africa and bring together the expertise and investment of people from all over the world to be able to create a mutually beneficial online farm that serves both the poor and is an alternative place for savings and investment for those seeking innovative investment opportunities.

Empowering women through Jaldoot

Water is the necessity of human being. But in rural area, available water is consumed by the people. As a result they suffer with water born diseases and most sufferer are the children.No importance is given for safe and pure drinking water. The women folk in rural area lack employment opportunities. Need and availability of educated women folk will address these problems.



SLOWCOLOR is an integrated bottom line textile company committed to clothing the world in beauty, health and responsibility. We are revitalizing the use of age-old traditions to dramatically reduce the social, environmental and health impacts of textile manufacturing by only used vegetable dyes.


OTRA Technologies Pvt Ltd

for profit

OTRA (Outsourcing Through Rural Arena) Technologies was established in the year 2010 with an objective of providing employment opportunities to people in rural areas & to enhance the industrial growth in the rural area. We have trained more than 150 people and gave employment to close to 60 people in our organization out of which majority of them are women.

Chalk Box

for profit

•Chalk-Box, a m-learning solution development project aims at developing mobile-learning solutions for the rural India.
• The idea is to eliminate the digital divide prevalent between rural and urban India by empowering the rural children with an educational box called The Chalk-Box.
•A Chalk-Box is basically a mobile set loaded with learning content like-Subject wise lessons, Vocabulary lessons etc.